WhatsApp Status Video Download App for Android Samsung Phones

WhatsApp is one of the most extensively used social media platform, now a days. It is used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

This post will let you know how to download WhatsApp status videos for Android Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

WhatsApp Status Video Download App for Android Samsung Galaxy Phones

WhatsApp Status Video Download App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

WhatsApp status is hotter than Facebook posts or Instagram’s feeds these days. We are checking WhatsApp status of others and uploading our own all the time. Often, we love the videos we watch on other’s statuses.

One problem with WhatsApp status is that it disappears in 24 hours. So what if you like some video and want it desperately in your phone? One way is to ask that person to send the videos, whose status it is. But wouldn’t that be intruding? Sometimes it would be the person who is your close friend or family member. You ask, he sends the video and you are done.

But there can be scenarios, when you cant ask the person. There can be different reasons behind. May be that person is not so close to you. May be you do not like talking to this person. So what to do now?

So let us tell you about WhatsApp Status Video Download App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10.

If you checked the video at someone’s status and loved it, download and install this app. It is a perfect status saver.

1: Easy To Use

This app is very easy to use and install.

2: Selection

If you keep pressed any video or image for long time, it would result in enabling multiple selection.

3: Status Notification

Whenever any of your friends update their status, this app will make it visible.

4: Status Operations Available

You can cancel selection, save status or delete status.

5: Kinds Of Status

You can save any kind of status, either it is normal status, GB status or even WhatsApp Business Status.

6: Advanced Features

You can multi save, delete and re share status to external apps. Whats Direct Chat is supported.

7: Speed Of Download

Download is very easy and fast.

You can download the video in following steps.

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  1. Check out the wanted status/story on WhatsApp.
  2. Open this App.
  3. Just click on any video or image to view.
  4. Select one or more.
  5. Click the Save button.

Download WhatsApp Status Video Download App for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones

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