WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock App Installer APK 2.19.348 for Android Samsung Phones

Even though WhatsApp has enormous user base, it is kind of slow at introducing new features due to some odd reasons. Few months ago they introduced fingerprint unlock feature for IOS. Now at last they have unveiled it for Android as well, even though the dark mode is still in work. Finally it is now available for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in WhatsApp latest beta update for Android. For ensuring the security and privacy of the users, the Fingerprint unlock option is indeed very useful.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock App Installer APK for Android Samsung Phones

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock App for Samsung Galaxy Phones

In this post we will tell you that how you can enable and use the Fingerprint unlock feature in the latest available version of WhatsApp.

How to Enable

The WhatsApp version 2.19.221 has included this feature. Just install this version or simply update your WhatsApp. Now open settings then go into privacy option.


Here you will find the Fingerprint unlock option.


It could have been linked to a server side switch. If you don’t get it here straight away, no need to worry. Just reinstall the WhatsApp on your smartphone. By doing so it will appear in the privacy. Before uninstalling back up all of your data first.

How to Set it Up


It’s fairly straight forward once you have the option. From here WhatsApp will allow you’re saved bio metric credentials to work along with the App. After that the WhatsApp Application will give you the option whether you want Fingerprint lock to enable or wait for thirty seconds to one minute. WhatsApp also provide you the option which allows you to hide notification of the content when the App is unlocked.

Another Updated Version Available

Some users have complaint that they were unable to find Fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp Version 2.19.221. If you are going through the same issue then we have a Good news for you. There is another updated version of available of WhatsApp, which the version 2.19.222. In which you will for surely get the Fingerprint lock option. Because of this version even more users will be able to use Fingerprint lock feature. This version is also available on third party websites. you can find it easily.

Fingerprint Unlock Feature System Requirements 

Please Note, that Fingerprint unlock feature of WhatsApp requires your smartphone to be running at least Android Marshmallow or higher and also most importantly your smartphone must have the Fingerprint scanner. Only then you will be able to use Fingerprint authentication to unlock WhatsApp and gain access to your account. If your smartphone is missing even one of the requirements, then it will not work for you.

On the bottom of the setting change you will see a message by WhatsApp from Facebook saying Don’t remind us. It is kind of a less welcoming for the users. Another important thing is that users can still reply to the messages and even can answer to the WhatsApp calls, despite the fact that Fingerprint lock is enabled.

Download WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock App for Samsung Galaxy Phones

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

whatsapp-messenger-2-19-348_samsungfanclub.com.apk | 37.8 MB

Reason is that the Fingerprint authentication is only set to when you want to open the WhatsApp. But you can hide the content on notifications from the settings if you want complete security.

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