WhatsApp Cleaner App to Clear Photos, Videos, Audio Notes from Samsung Phone Storage

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and the most commonly used messenger applications on smartphones. It not only allows you to send and receive texts but also lets you share media files with each other.

WhatsApp Cleaner App to Clear Photos, Videos, Audio Notes from Samsung Phone Storage

WhatsApp Cleaner App to Clear Photos, Videos, Audio Notes from Samsung Phone Storage

While WhatsApp is surely a fun app to use and maximizes your communication, but it takes loads of space from your mobile phone as well, leaving your phone lousy and slow. This is because of the fact that it stores all the files you send and receive locally and sometimes, it even duplicates the stored content if you send a file more than once.

Luckily, there is a Cleaner application that lets you clear all the stored and duplicated content from your phone so that you can enjoy using WhatsApp and your smartphone effortlessly. Here’s everything about WhatsApp Cleaner App that you need to know.

Although there are tons of tools out there that can sort out the local files stored by the WhatsApp, however, this WhatsApp Cleaner App for the Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices stands out. This app combines a functional yet nice set of features that sets it apart from others of its kind.

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Cleaner App is a simple and free tool that analyzes WhatsApp and displays how much space is taken up by all the media files and data that it is storing. This way, you can delete them and free up a fair amount of space from the storage. Sounds great, right?

Here are the features of WhatsApp Cleaner for your Samsung Galaxy Phones.

1. It is Pretty

 Many other WhatsApp cleaning apps, this app on the Google Store is kind of pretty and covers some pretty amazing interface elements. It offers a mosaic start screen that features a combination of different colors, making it an eye-catching and pretty cure app to use. Not only it is pretty, but it is also very intuitive, providing everything that you need, at a single glance.

2. Get Info For Individual Data File From WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, with this app, you can find out the space taken by the files from WhatsApp and that too individually. Yes, the mosaic art screen separates each type of detected file into its own section and displays how much space it takes up. When you click that button, you can explore and view individual files.

3. Clean Everything Useless

There are several sections that you can clean from your WhatsApp storage using this app. These sections include:

  1. Videos
  2. Images
  3. Audio
  4. Wallpapers
  5. Profile Pictures
  6. Documents
  7. Voice Notes
  8. Database
  9. Call log

You can pick the useless ones to move them somewhere else or to delete them entirely.

4. Duplicate File Navigation Feature

In addition to that, there is even a Duplicate File Navigation Feature that displays duplicate photos along with the number of copies of each one. This way you can delete them all, to de-clutter your phone on the go.

Download WhatsApp Cleaner App for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus & S10 Plus

WhatsApp Cleaner 1.0

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Cleaner for WhatsApp
Cleaner for WhatsApp
Developer: tattobr
Price: Free

So, WhatsApp Cleaner is a great app to clean up the storage of your Samsung Galaxy phones that too, completely free and effortlessly. Get this app downloaded today.

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