How to Update Qualcomm GPU Drivers from Google Play Store?

For the year 2020 Qualcomm has recently revealed their snapdragon 865 and 765 chipsets, in the coming year they will power a lot of upper mid range high end phones. With that Qualcomm has also announced that from now on users will be able to update the drivers directly from google play store. We will cover some other key details in our upcoming articles, but being able to update drivers from play store is a rather interesting addition by the company. Without any doubt it will be far more convenient and easy for users.

How to Update Qualcomm GPU Drivers from Google Play Store?

How to Update Qualcomm GPU Drivers from Google Play Store?

Despite the fact that Qualcomm has only revealed the news yet on the occasion of unveiling there new chipsets, it seems like they will unroll this new way of updating drivers pretty soon.

Drivers Update From Play Store

Currently GPU update packages comes with system updates, before they get sent to your Android smartphone they requires a necessitating carrier approval. That is why as compared to the current solution the announcement of Qualcomm about allowing GPU drivers to be updated directly from Google Play Store reveals a much more convenient way of doing things. Qualcomm has really introduced the easier way for the smartphone users.

Qualcomm’s New Solution

Most certainly before deploying this new solution of Qualcomm to play store, manufacturers will be required to test the GPU driver updates, this is necessary to avoid any trouble in future. But as a matter of fact, to get these updates cutting out the carrier testing should practically results in a more faster way. To fix crashes/glitches in the games and to bring smoother performance these driver updates are the key way. It can also open the ways for new graphic related features in future.

Project Mainline of Android 10

Some Sources are claiming that Google’s implementation of Project Mainline in Android 10 is the main reason for this ability to update GPU drivers via Play Store. Because project mainline of Android 10 enable users to get updated Android system components and security patches directly through the Play Store. In Android 10 users are allowed to decide which data they want to store of for how long they want it to be there.

Older Chipsets 

According to a well known tech website, Unfortunately the older chipsets of Qualcomm will not be able to use the GPU driver updates via the Play Store feature at least for now, but the company could announce a solution for that also in future. Some sources has claimed that they have questioned Qualcomm  regarding the possibility of users sideloading these GPU updates to clarify a few details, but still they have not revealed any thing. We will update you in our future articles about that.

There are also some news leaks that Only those smartphones which will have Qualcomm’s new chipsets snapdragon 865 and 765 will be able to get their GPU drivers updated from the Play store, even those smartphones with Project Mainline and also all other existing Android smartphones will have no chance to do that. We don’t know whether these claims are true or not but if that is the case then users will not going to like this decision made by the company Qualcomm.

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