Top 5 Best Wake Up on LAN Android Apps to Remote Start Your PC via Galaxy S10 Plus

The technology of Wake Up on LAN tools have been around for a very long time but not many people knows about that. Today almost in every latest Pc you will find this technology built in. But what if you want to use wakeup on lan feature via your Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone? No need to worry though, because for all the Android users out there we have compiled a list of Top 5 Wake Up on LAN Apps. With them you can remote start your personal Computer via your Samsung Galaxy S10 from wherever and whenever you want.

Top 5 Best Wake Up on LAN Android Apps to Remote Start Your PC via Galaxy S10 Plus

Top 5 Best Wake Up on LAN Android Apps to Remote Start Your PC via Galaxy S10 Plus

All of these Top 5 Apps are available on Google play store. So without further delay let’s begin our top 5 countdown.

1. Wake on LAN App for Samsung Galaxy Phones


First in our list is an App called Wake on. For Wake on App to work, you need to make sure that your computer and network is set up for and supports Wake on LAN / WOL. Automate wake up your computers by sending an intent broadcast from app such as Llama and Tasker. In the latest version there is now support for Tasker plugins to make it even easier to automatically wake devices. Just set the broadcast address to be the remote IP address of the device. Some of the main features and functions are as follows.

– Network Search (Find devices on your network and add them to your list. No more finding out MAC addresses etc.)

– One touch wakeup widget for both devices and groups (A widget with online status is coming soon)

– Tasker plugin are included.

– Intent Broadcast support (See instructions inside app help section for details on this)

– CSV Import/Export – So you can share your list of devices easily

Wake On Lan
Wake On Lan
Developer: Mike Webb
Price: Free

2. WolOn – Wake on LAN App for Samsung Galaxy Phones


WolOn is a simple and lightweight application which will help you turn on or wake your computer from your home network (Wake on LAN) or over the Internet (Wake on WAN). Wake on LAN (WOL) is an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message. Consider reading Help section of the app for a better understanding of how WolOn works. WolOn Android App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus also offers features like

– Turn on or wake your computer from your home network using Wake on LAN

– Turn on or wake your computer over the Internet using Wake on WAN

– Trigger Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN packets automatically when phone gets connected to a specific Wi-Fi network (Restrictions introduced in Android 8 will prevent this functionality to work on devices with Android 8 or later)

– Scan the local network to find available computers

– Get notified when Wake on LAN or Wake on WAN packet was sent automatically

WolOn - Wake on LAN
WolOn - Wake on LAN
Developer: Bitklog
Price: Free+

3. Wake on LAN App for Samsung Galaxy Phones


The coolest thing about this amazing App is, that Wake on LAN can turn on any Pc from not only your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smart phone but also via your Android TV. This is an exclusive feature which you will not find in any other similar App. To use this utility you will need to enable WOL in the BIOS of the PC’s you wish to wake. There is plenty of information Online about enabling Wake on LAN. You can simply do a web search about this and also about how to get the broadcast address of your network and the MAC address of PCs you wish to wake. With Wake on LAN you can also get features like

– A new and modernized user interface (recently updated).

– Ability to add, list and wake multiple devices from your Android TV device

– Enter and Save the Device Name, Broadcast and Mac Addresses of PC’s you wish to Wake.

– Ability to add Wake on LAN Recommendations to Android TV’s Recommendations Row

– Ability to add / remove recommendations for individual devices listed

Wake On Lan
Wake On Lan
Developer: Gbsoft
Price: $2.49

4. Wake on LAN/WAN (With Widget) App for Samsung Galaxy Phones


The Wake on LAN application enables you to wake up a computer on the local network (Wake on LAN), but also any computer on the internet will (Wake on WAN) simply using your phone. Wake on LAN is not available on all network cards but the most recent ones are often compatible. To take the most out of this technology you might have to change some settings on your router or computer. For more information you will find many tutorials on Google. Also a widget is now available to wake your device from the Home screen. This App runs great with Android 5.0 or above.

Wake On Lan/Wan (with Widget)
Wake On Lan/Wan (with Widget)

5. Wake on LAN App for Samsung Galaxy Phones


Last but not least on our Top 5 list Wake on LAN Android App. To use this Android App Your Motherboard / Ethernet-Card needs to be compatible with the wake on LAN protocol (most are) and you have to enable the features in your BIOS settings and your operating system. This App may work over the Internet but there’s no guarantee.  Yes, this App does contains an App-Widget. To work properly this App requires WLAN-Router, PC/Notebook, an Ethernet crossover cable and a Galaxy S10 (of course). We have mentioned the proper instructions of how to use this App below.

– Connect your PC and your router with the crossover cable.

– Your router must allow UDP Broadcast packages to be send.

– Enable WOL in BIOS and your Operating System.

– The get the IP-Address (and in some cases the port for WOL) of your PC.

– Connect your Android Device with your WLAN-Router and enter the IP-Address (and the port if needed).

– Click on the Hostname of the PC you want to wake up.

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