Top 5 Galaxy S10 Plus & Note 10 Android Apps & Games you Shouldn’t Miss

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a great phone, there’s no doubt in it. What makes it even great is the apps and games that not only enhances productivity and makes your life easy but also helps you to kill the spare time you have.

Fortunately, the Google Play Store is loaded with tons of amazing apps and games and it keeps on increasing. So ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys and all the tech freaks, we are back with another edition of the top 5 Apps on Play Store that you shouldn’t miss. Scroll down to make your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus even more exciting.

Top 5 Galaxy S10 Plus & Note 10 Android Apps you Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Galaxy S10 Plus & Note 10 Android Apps & Games you Shouldn’t Miss

Have a look at our top picks and let us know which one you enjoyed the most!

1. Squarespace

Do you love to blog but don’t want to go into coding and technical stuff? Well, there’s Squarespace that comes to rescue. The app allows you to build your own website right away. It features:

  1. Creating or editing content
  2. Easy to use interface
  3. Management features
  4. Photo uploading

The app is quite interesting and worth a shot. So get it downloaded on your phone right now.

2. mnml Launcher

Want to transform the whole look of your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus? This fairly new launcher on the Play Store is pretty much everything you need as it offers:

  1. Minimal UI
  2. App Drawer
  3. Extremely simple home screen
  4. AI supported

The app is also AMOLED friendly that makes it best for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

YASAN Launcher - Powered by AI
YASAN Launcher - Powered by AI
Developer: YASAN
Price: Free+

3. Gigantic X

This one is an ultimate sci-fi shooter that all the action lovers would love. The game comes with the features including:

  1. Different Characters
  2. Multiple weapons
  3. Different arenas to play
  4. Real time graphics and gameplay

The game is quite actually to play.

Gigantic X
Gigantic X
Price: To be announced

4. Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare

This one is the mobile version of a popular video game – Gundam. The game is literally the same offering:

  1. Ultimate battle fighting
  2. Original anime Gundam story
  3. Powerful skills to defeat the enemies
  4. Tons of customization options

The game’s complete battle to fight.

5. Doom I & II

The original Doom I & II are now on the mobile for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The game includes a ton of amazing features that you would love to play. These features include:

  1. Ultimate FPS shooting experience
  2. Demon blasting fun
  3. Smooth controls

The game is playable with the little patience and you would master it after a few shots.

Price: $4.99

Get these amazing games and apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Note 10 and get your Android experience to the next level. Let us know which app or game you are going to add on your smartphone and which ones you have already tried?

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