Top 5 Best Light Bulb Camera WiFi IP Camera Apps Galaxy S9, S10

Home security is getting easier and smarter day by day, with the advancements in technology every year. Now you can view the real-time video of what’s going on in your house, even by sitting hundreds of miles away. Yeah! You have heard it right.

The technology has provided us with the Wi-Fi enabled VR 360 Bulb Security camera apps that we can install on your mobile devices and view the real-time video of the house anytime, anywhere.  So if you want to get benefited, we have listed top 5 apps for your Samsung Galaxy S7 | S8 | S9 | S10.

Top 5 Best Light Bulb Camera WiFi IP Camera Apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 | S10

Top 5 Best Light Bulb Camera WiFi IP Camera Apps

The basic purpose of these apps is to let the home owners updated about the security of their home. All you need is to fix the cameras in your house, connect their IPs with the app and there, you go!

Xmeye Icsee Smart 360° Panoramic VR view LED Bulb Camera

Here are the top 5 apps that will help you stay updated:

1. iCSee Pro

Just as mentioned earlier, this app – iCSee Pro is an intelligent application which can work with a number of front devices including robot, bullet, smart doorbells or door locks etc. This app works on a strong monitoring software that access your smartphone by accessing its cloud ID, hence providing you with the live preview of the house and the activities going on.

iCSee Pro
iCSee Pro
Developer: huangwanshui
Price: Free

2. V380s

V380s is another camera security application for your Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices that can give the home owners with the remote video monitoring and management. The app supports the real-time preview using the cloud ID, in addition to offering support for network live audio monitoring and remote PTZ control. Moreover, the app also comes with the ability to rotate the direction of the camera so that you can see each and every corner of the place. The app also features the site motion detection alarm for the ultimate security on the hand.

Developer: JayLee
Price: Free


This is another smart camera security application that comes with the ability to keep you updated on what’s going around your house. This app provides the homeowners with the most handy tools to check the camera status and review the pictures and videos. It also offers the unique smart arm function that allows you to keep updated about a extra motion happening at your place. In addition to that, you can also view pictures and videos of the past days, weeks and even months to keep the history.

4. AnySee

AnySee is an app designed specifically for smart home devices such as smart bulbs/smart door locks. It also supports some AI functions in conjunction with specific devices. Moreover, the app lets you remotely operate your smart device, download the video and let everything become smart. It is that simple.


5. IPC360

Last but certainly not the least, this application lets you view everything around your house, by sitting even miles away. The app offers the users with the extra ordinary experience as if they are actually staying at their place. With the establishment of worldwide stream servers, users can easily feel home on their phone or tablet by watching, listening and talking.

Price: Free+

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