Top 5 Best Substratum Themes for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 with Android 8 Oreo

Samsung launched its own theme engine named as Samsung Themes, back in 2016. For the company which represented a huge step ahead because of the fact that now finally device could adapt the user, instead of other way around. For most people this is the best option but it also comes with some major limitations, that’s where Substratum comes in. If you want more freedom and full control then the only way to do that is Substratum. It not only offers deeper customization options for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone but also root access is not required, which is amazing.

Top 5 Best Substratum Themes for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 with Android 8 Oreo

Top 5 Best Substratum Themes for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 with Android 8 Oreo

We have compiled a list of Top 5 best Substratum themes for those Samsung Galaxy devices, which are running Android 8 Oreo. These Substratum themes will make your Samsung Galaxy phones look amazing. They will provide you an awesome customization experience

1. Swift Minimal


Swift Minimal is a Substratum theme with almost 200 overlays, each with a dark or black option. Which supports various Samsung devices. It’s the only Substratum theme where you can toggle between backgrounds and all supported apps will get a full dark or black look wherever this is possible. The outcome is a clean minimal look. It also provides further customization tailored for Samsung devices.

2. Pitch Black S


Pitch Black S is the result of perfecting the art of materialism, considering the depths of minimalism and playing around with the most vibrant color combinations. As the name of the theme suggests, Pitch Black S is a dark theme that works with dark and black backgrounds. Which makes it battery friendly for AMOLED devices. Pitch Black S ships pre-curated theme sets with pairs of an accent and a background each.

3. Yoru


Yoru theme only supports Samsung smartphones running Android 8 Oreo. It is a black theme which, in a subtle and elegant way integrates vivid color accents. It will enable you to change your font to Google Product sans, when you will install the Samsung sans through Galaxy Apps. If you want to support the development of this theme, there is also a donation package available because this theme is completely free.

4. Victory


Victory allows you to customize the interface with transparency effects and rounded corners. It is a dark theme but unlike others, in simple words you haven’t seen anything like it until now. Additionally, you’ll also find some included wallpapers to complete the look. When you enable transparent panels, they look great. Victory is a brand new and unique substratum theme that will completely change the look of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

5. Ion


Ion focuses on maintaining a clean look while adding custom accent colors, it is a very simple white theme. Ion allows you to restore the colorful elements that many people loves, With the Material Design two guidelines heading towards a fully white interface. Basically this theme’s aim is to be light in size and easy to apply changes for your apps main accents. Obviously you will need to install Substratum theme engine app to be able to use this theme.

[Substratum] ion
[Substratum] ion
Developer: pierx
Price: Free

Here you have the Top 5 best Substratum themes for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Each of the theme mentioned in the list above is unique in its own way. You will find some of these themes groped together, since they provide few variations. Our top 5 list has no specific order that’s why we recommend that you should check all five of these. These Themes will help you to give your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone an entire different look. All of these themes works perfectly on every capable Samsung device such as Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 etc.

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