Top 5 Best Spy Light Bulbs with Camera and WiFi in 2021

The light bulb spy cameras are so similar with the regular light bulbs that no one can recognize them at least in first glance. It seems very hard to believe that there is a camera inside them to record every movement. It’s because these light bulb spy cameras are designed to fit in regular bulbs sockets in your home, office, shop or where ever you want to install. Meaning you don’t need to do any drilling or other stuff to install them instead just simply place them in the socket, nothing can be more convenient.

Top 5 Best Spy Light Bulbs with Camera and WiFi in 2020

Top 5 Best Spy Light Bulbs with Camera and WiFi in 2020

Light bulb spy camera makes the whole setup and installation process very straightforward because it doesn’t need any NVR or DVR like wired security cam. Below we have listed the top 5 best spy light bulbs with camera and WiFi in 2020, you can buy them from there given links.

1. LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb Camera

LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb is built as a 360 degree fish-eye camera with 1080P HD and 2.0 megapixel that can capture a full and clearer picture or video for you. You can connect your phone to 2.4G Wifi, download the 360eyes App and add the panoramic bulb camera to your phone. Then you can control the light camera from anywhere and anytime. The panoramic bulb camera allows you 360 degree to communicate with your family and your pets when you are away. You can buy this camera from the link below.

2. Smart Bulb Camera

Smart bulb camera comes with 360 degree super wide angle view, its installation is very easy and requires No installer. It also depends on different monitoring scenarios to look after your home such as Live viewing and Night vision that is up to 16-feet. You can not only use it for lighting, but also to monitor by wireless camera bulb clear lens. You can’t always watch your home when you are outside? No problem then. Get alert from camera on your phone when any motion is detected, since this Smart bulb camera comes with built in motion detector. Click below, if you want to buy this amazing light bulb camera.

3. Fixm 1080P WiFi Light Bulb Camera

Fixm 1080P WiFi Light Bulb Camera has 360 Degree lens viewing angle and 1080P HD high resolution Lens, which could help you to make everything in your house real and accessible. Like you can use it as wireless camera indoor system, baby camera monitor, public occasions monitor, office camera wireless etc. Its motion detection runs within Micro SD card (16GB at least).You will get the alert message on the phone from the moment it start working. Its Alarm warning distance is up to 8 meters.

With the infrared night vision of Fixm 1080P WiFi Light Bulb Camera, you also can see the pictures outside clearly, which will make you feel safer. To buy this light bulb camera visit the link below.

4. Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera

Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera is wire free and has a weather resistant design. With Arlo Ultra’s 4K & HDR advanced image quality technology, you can zoom in to see sharp details. It comes with colored night vision, which allows you to see video in color rather than traditional black and white. By using Arlo Ultra’s integrated spotlight, light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests. Please note that this add on Ultra camera requires an ultra-Smart Hub (VMB5000) to work. You can also listen and speak to visitors with crystal clear, full 2 way audio that reduces wind and noise. You can buy Arlo Ultra 4K Security Camera from the link below.

5. Light Bulb Security Camera

Wireless Light Bulb Camera has wide 360 degree lens viewing angle as well as 1080P HD high resolution Lens with no blind area. That’s why it can support 5 different viewing modes. This WiFi light camera will push notification alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected, so you will know what’s happening immediately. You can also playback motion alert video clips to check for missed moments. This camera can be directly installed on the house ceiling, no need to do extra installation. Click below to get this light bulb security camera.

Here you have our top 5 list of best spy light bulbs with camera, you can go with whichever suits you the best or fulfil your needs. All the light bulb spy cameras mentioned above comes with the features and convenience which you can never get with traditional wired security cameras. The light bulb spy cameras are difficult to spot and works better than traditional ones. If you want you can even change the direction of a light bulb camera by doing some customizations, since most of them are designed to cover the top view.

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