Top 5 Best Meditation Apps To Download for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus

Modern and digital life is hectic and full of stress. If it is wearing you all down, using a meditation application will help you unwind and become relaxed like never before. As a matter of fact, many people vaunt the usefulness of meditation. The evidences have suggested that meditation not only helps to improve the health and your mental well-being but also helps you to lose weight.

Thanks to the technology that comes with plenty of ways through which you can meditate effortlessly. Google Play Store comes with a ton of meditation apps that will set you on the right path to mindfulness and tranquility. If you are looking for the best meditation app, we have you covered. We have top 5 best meditation applications rounded up for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other android devices.

Top 5 Best Meditation Apps To Download for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus

Top 5 Best Meditation Apps To Download for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Most of these meditation apps are free to use but there are in-app purchases that will make these apps further useful. So check them out.

1. Calm

Calm – Meditate, Sleep and Relax is one of the best meditation apps on the Play Store that comes with a lot of content. There are multiple meditation sessions between 25 minutes long. Plus, there is also a 10-minute daily program, a seven-day program and even a three-week program that will help you reduce your stress and stay calm. In addition to that, the app also offers daily streaks and breathing exercises that will help you to achieve the peace of mind you have always been looking for.

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax
Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

2. Sanvello

Formerly known as Pacifica is another amazing meditation application available on the Play Store. The app comes with guided journeys, daily mood tracking, quick stress coping solutions, and community support that will help you get through your depression effortlessly. This app also includes daily challenges for your positive wellbeing and mental health.

3. Headspace

This app also comes with a ton of amazing features that will help you reduce stress on the go. The app offers meditation practices, quick SOS sessions, hundreds of programs to choose and eyes open exercises for both, beginners and the experts. In addition to that, there is also support for kids that is specifically designed for younger meditators.

4. Aware

This one is another feature-rich meditation app that offers 21-day curated programs to help you develop specific skills. The courses being offered includes dealing with stress, anxiety, depression while helping you achieve happiness, sound sleep and mental peace that you always have been looking for. The app is free for the first seven days but you will need to get a premium subscription to enjoy its amazing content after a week.

Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness
Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness

5. Insight Timer

This app provides a rich source of free content with over 1200 guided meditations, more than 1000 music tracks and 2500 meditation teachers online. Moreover, the app also comes with mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford and more. What’s more, included in this app are different meditation types and much more.

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