Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 SMS Collection Apps Download

The days are gone when you have to store thousands of messages in your inbox to send to your friends, loved ones and family. Now the way you send them messages and SMS has changed. Whether you want sending your friends jokes, loved ones poetry or your elder ones good deeds messages, the only thing that can help you with the unlimited SMS collection is the SMS collection Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Fortunately, there are tons of such apps available on the Play Store that can help you escaping from the hassle of storing number of messages in your inbox, but few of them contains amazing collection of SMS texts and message templates. If you are looking for such app, you are at the right place.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 SMS Collection Apps Download

Top 5 Best SMS Collection Apps for Galaxy S7

Check out our 5 top picks for the SMS collection apps that you can enjoy on your Galaxy S7.

1: Pi SMS Collection App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are looking for something that can help you with almost all the categories of SMS texts, then this application is the best option for you. Pi SMS collection is probably one of the best messaging application on the Play Store with more than 1 million of downloads. The best feature of this app is that it offers the most user friendly variety of categories along with the weekly auto update of new SMS. You can choose from 50+ categories and can copy/paste to any sharing application. You can also browse and mark your favorite SMS for later use.

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Pi SMS Collection
Pi SMS Collection
Developer: piapps
Price: Free

2: 100000 SMS Messages Collection App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Next on the count for the best SMS collection app is 100000 SMS Messages Collection that provide the user with many different kinds of categories while each category having thousands of SMS text collection. You can browse your favorite category, completely offline and share them to your favorite sharing platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, messages etc.

100000 SMS Messages Collection
100000 SMS Messages Collection
Developer: Y P Tech
Price: Free

3: 100000 SMS Collection & Status App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

100000 SMS Collection & Status is a completely offline and free application through which you can post mind blowing statuses to your social media, send your friends amazing text messages, forwards, quotes and funny jokes, Christmas SMS, New Year SMS, Easter Egg SMS. This app offers more than 50 categories to choose from and provide easy navigation throughout this SMS hub. Not only this, this application also provide the users with SMS and Statuses in 10+ different languages that makes it all in one app for national and international users.

100000 SMS Collection & Status
100000 SMS Collection & Status

4: SMS Messages Collection App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With tons of amazing features, SMS Messages Collection is next on our list. The application deals the users with the completely offline SMS collection with almost 50 categories including friendship, sad love, romance, funny jokes, birthday, poetry, morning wishes and good night SMS. Moreover, this app also includes the wishes collection for the festivals like Christmas, Easter, Eid, Raksha bandhan, Diwali etc.

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5: SMS FunBook App for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Last but not the least; SMS FunBook is worth trying SMS collection app as it brings the largest collection SMS and Jokes with more than 100 categories to choose from. The app also involves the auto update system that adds new and latest texts to the app automatically on the daily basis. Moreover, you can share these amazing texts with your friends and family on Facebook or other sharing platforms, can add content to your favorite list and sort contents by preferences.

SMS FunBook (SMS Collection)
SMS FunBook (SMS Collection)
Developer: DelightApps
Price: Free

Wishing your friends, luring your loved one and making someone happy had never been easy. But with these SMS collection Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can do all with a single touch. Try these amazing apps and don’t forget to give us the right feedback!

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