Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 / S8 Anti-Virus & Malware Removal Android Apps

With the smartphones taken over everything, their security is the ultimate thing needed right now. Regardless to say, a number of malware and viruses target the Android OS, thereby leaving the data of the mobile owner vulnerable.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 / S8 Anti-Virus & Malware Removal Android Apps

Fortunately, for this reason, a number of Android apps have been developed to keep the mobile phones secure and safe. In case you wondering which one to get on your Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8, here are the top ones on the Play Store rounded up for you in the form of a list.

Download Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 / S8 Anti-Virus & Malware Removal Android Apps

Check them out and keep your phone secure!

1: 360 Security – Antivirus Boost App for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

Designed for the purpose, 360 Security – Antivirus Boost is one of the powerful and most popular antivirus apps on the Play Store that comes with a ton of excellent and impressive features. This is not what we are saying, but in fact, the rating of the app is pretty much expressive. With the real- time protection, the app features the ability to scan all the files and documents in the phone along with a cleaner and booster service. Not only this, there is a lot more to discover within the app.

2: Avira Antivirus Security App for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

Although the app has been around for a while, but its features are impressive enough to make it grow quickly in the anti-virus niche. The basic stuff that Avira offers include the real- time protection, device scanning, and even the SD card scan feature is also available. Not only this, there is also the anti-theft features like privacy features, blacklisting and much more. Get it free from the Play Store.

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Avira Antivirus Security 2019
Avira Antivirus Security 2019
Developer: AVIRA
Price: Free+

3: AVAST Mobile Security and Antivirus App for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

How can we forget AVAST, when it comes to mobile and anti-virus security? Borrowing the same features from the PC app, the AVAST mobile security is trusted and used by millions of people out the world. The features include the regular device scanning, app scanning, real- time protection and anti- theft features along with the antivirus updates. The app is pretty decent and is worth a shot.

4: AVG Antivirus Security App for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

Another popular name in the anti-virus niche is AVG that literally needs no introduction. For the people who do don’t know, AVG is the lighter and one of the best option to keep the smartphones safe and secure. Device scanning, real- time protection, remote device service, anti- theft features are some of the offerings that AVG offers to its users. Not only this, the user interface is quite good along with its decent features.

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5: CM Security App for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8

A bit newer option, but a powerful one! CM security is the freemium antivirus app that you can get on your Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8. The app is pretty decent as compared to other antivirus apps as besides providing basic anti-virus features, the app offers app locks and much more. It also takes the pictures of the intruders who try to access your phone. In addition, the app is lighter and is completely free to try.

With these anti-virus apps, enjoy the fool-proof security on your Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8!

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