Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Kids Talking English Alphabets Learning Apps

Education is the top most priority of almost all parents, when it comes to their children. The first step in making any child educated is to make him learn the basics. And for this reason, I am going to list the Best 5 Galaxy S7 Kids Talking English Alphabets Learning Apps from the Play Store that can help the parents in achieving the goal.

With the increased bow of people towards technology, new Talking Interactive ABC apps are popping up every day. So, if your preschooler kid is taking interest in learning letters, then have the following apps in your Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Kids English Alphabets Learning Apps Collection

1: Endless English Alphabet App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are looking for something educational with fun, then Endless Alphabet is the best thing that you can have for your kid. This is an extremely delightful yet informative app that lets your child to learn the basics at his fingertips. The app consists of the colorful monsters along with more than 100 words to explore and learn. Moreover, this app also offers amazing animations that teach the children the definitions of words in fun and engaging way. Not only this, Endless Alphabet comes with free 7 word puzzles to maintain the interest and skills of your child.

Endless Alphabet
Endless Alphabet
Developer: Originator Inc.
Price: Free+

2: Kids English Alphabet App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Next on the list is another colorful yet powerful source of Alphabet learning that allows your children to learn alphabets in amazing way. This app is smartest way to help the preschoolers learn basic concepts of not only Alphabets, but also of numbers, colors and more. The app is packed with the memory matching games, sounds of letters, talking alphabets, abc flashcards and animals and their sounds, that make this app extremely loved by kids and children.

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3: Kids Alphabet Learning App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It is thought by the developers of Kids Alphabet Learning on Galaxy S7 Edge that the best way to teach kids is by teaching with help of pictures. So, that is the reason they developed this applications that only offers colorful pictures having alphabets to help children learn them. the app offers one tap talking alphabets and a swipe feature to hop on to next picture. This way, children can learn and play at the same time.

Kids Alphabet Learning
Kids Alphabet Learning
Developer: Q3Labs
Price: Free

4: Kids ABC Phonics App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another useful alphabet learning app for kids is Kids ABC Phonics that offers the 8 wonderful child friendly sections. The first one consists of letter sounds that allow the child to hear the ABC phonics being pronounced. Other sections include building letter blocks, pop letter bubbles, make words, ride the Ferris wheel, squirt the duck, whack a mole and Rhyming. Every section of this app is designed for children to enjoy learning and playing simultaneously.

5: Kids ABC App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Last but not the least is Kids ABC learning app for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is the full fledged way to make your preschooler or toddler learn the English Alphabets within no time. the app involves the A – Z Letters along with its human pronunciation ad real sound, that will help them learn and to write the alphabets while having fun.

Kids ABC
Kids ABC
Price: Free

Best Kids Talking Interactive English Alphabets Learning Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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