Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Face Wrap Video Apps Download

Bored of making those random serious selfies and videos? Want to get rid of your boredom? Then try the Fun Face Warp Video Apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that will let you to create the funny look to your videos and to make people laugh. With these apps, you can give various experiments on your videos to turn them into hilarious and amusing ones.

Best Funny Video Face Wrap Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Download

Here, we will discuss the Top 5 Galaxy S7 Face Warp Video Apps that helps you to play with your videos and to share them with your friends.

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Face Warp Video Apps

  1. MSQRD App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

One of the hilarious Face Warp Video Apps for your Galaxy S7 is MSQRD that lets you to record selfie animations in order to change the way that you look. This app helps you to add hilarious effects, stickers and filters to your videos and turn them into the most laughable ones. The app also offers you to share those funny master- pieces with your friends and family via the social networking apps.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free
  1. Face Changer 2 App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another video warping app for you to change your videos is Face Changer 2 that helps you to swap your faces between friends and place the similar ones on your favorite characters with the different face parts, accessories, stickers and backgrounds. The app comes with the instant replay that lets you to make instant funny video and to share with your friends. You can also add on text, add makeup, stickers and much more on your videos to laugh at some more.

Face Changer 2
Face Changer 2
Developer: Scoompa
Price: Free+
  1. Funny Selfie Camera App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With the Funny Selfie Camera, you can make funny pictures and videos with your friends and make them laugh. This app allows you to make yourself skinnier, enlarge the body parts to create a funny look, and many other funny features that will put a big smile on your face. With this app, you can also warp, morph, or swap your face with the mirror real time filters. The app comes with the additional features of amazing UI and a lot more to enhance your experience.

Funny Selfie Camera
Funny Selfie Camera
  1. Funny Camera App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Many people love to use this face warp video app that allows them to have the funny video and photo booth camera with fun and crazy effects. With the number of typical warp video effects, this app also allows you to add hilarious voice effects to your videos to make them much funnier and crazier. With this app, you can sound like a chipmunk or an inflating helium balloon.

Funny Camera - Video Booth Fun
Funny Camera - Video Booth Fun
  1. Japanese App For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another amazing face Warp video app that lets you to add the Japanese effects to your photos and videos along with the AR effects. With this app, you can look like a Sumo Wrestler or a Kabuka artist. The app offers the beautiful Japanese outfits with the accessories that can turn you into complete Japanese native. You can share these hilarious pictures and videos with your friends with just a single click.


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