Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Edge Fighter Jet HD Games Download

Although fighter jet games are not that popular among the gamers, however, these games can be the better option to kill time, when you have nothing to do. Fighter jet games are one of the favorite time pass for many users among the globe and that is the reason why I am going to list the Top 5 Fighter Jet HD Games that you can have on your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Fighter jet games are, however, not the simple games, but such games are harder to play and much harder to master. So, if you want to become a master of fighter jet and air combating games, then check my best picks here.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Edge Fighter Jet Games Download

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Edge Fighter Jet HD Games Collection

1: Air Fighters HD Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Starting with the Air Fighters, that is one of the most addictive and powerful air simulator games on the Play Store. The game, with more than millions of users, offers realistic maps and navigation, over 500+ actual airports, 1000+ runways, aircraft carriers and real time weather conditions. Moreover, this game also offers the attractive game play and scenarios, making it one of the best jet fighter games for the Galaxy S7.

AirFighters Pro
AirFighters Pro
Developer: RORTOS
Price: 6.792889

2: Modern Air Combat HD Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you want a realistic and 3D jet fighter experience by sitting at your home, then Modern Air Combat is the best thing that you can have. This one is the ultimate air combat game that offers a great collection of the series of dogfight missions, survival modes, versus modes and mission modes. The game offers easy to handle and smooth controls with console quality graphics and intuitive Maneuvers and much more. So having this jet fighter game on your Galaxy S7 is not a deal of impairment.

Modern Air Combat: Team Match
Modern Air Combat: Team Match

3: Strike Fighters HD Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With the ratings of 4.1 stars, Strike Fighters is next on our list of the top 5 best fighter jet games. The reason for putting this game on the 3rd rank is that, it is one of the best games that offer the combination of flying and shooting game at hand. Moreover, this game uses the tilt sensor feature to control classic warplanes and allows the users to engage in ultimate realistic dogfight.

Strike Fighters
Strike Fighters

4: F18 Jet Fighter Simulator 3D HD Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Are you looking for a game that can let you plat the advanced and fully equipped fighter jet through the skies? If your answer to this question is yes, then you can learn to do all using the F18 Jet Fighter Simulator. This game can teach you fly like a pro Airforce plane pilot with the spark of thrill and action. The game offers huge variety of mission to keep the interest pf the players along with the dynamic lightening and sounds. It also offers realism with the enhanced weather conditions, explosion and smoke effects.

F18 Jet Fighter Simulator 3D
F18 Jet Fighter Simulator 3D

5: STRIKERS 1999 HD Game for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

You can have the chance to save the world by joining the war of 1999. The game offers latest aircraft fighters from F-22 to F-117 stealth bombers, multiple battles, simple controls, various difficult levels, thrilling fun and special military aircrafts for the military fans. The game supports 9 languages and achievements and leaderboard features to maintain the interest of the players, offering the seamless 90s game for Galaxy S7.

Developer: APXSOFT
Price: Free+

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