Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Cool Math Games Download

Smartphones hold the amazing power of packing some incredible calculating and mathematical tools in the form of apps. Such right apps can lessen your headache of calculating and dealing with complex problems in the everyday life.Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Cool Math Games Download

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Cool Math Games Download

So, if you are looking for the great calculation and Math games for your Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus, check out our list of the Top 5 Cool Math Games below:

1: Math Games, Mathematics for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

If you find yourself a Math nerd, then you need to have this game on your Galaxy S7 to test your mind, skill and speed and fight with the time. The game is simply based on the cognitive physiology that helps you to practice different math skills and learn effectively. So the game offers you with:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division operations
  • Exponential problems
  • Multiplication tables
  • 2 games with 16 different types of mathematical tasks

Train, play and have fun!

Math games, Mathematics
Math games, Mathematics
Developer: NixGame
Price: Free+

2: Mental Math Games for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Here is another set of amazing math games that you can play and test your mental skills. The game offers

  • learning, training
  • Unique option of listening math problems and answering them by voice.
  • Moreover, its online multiplayer feature also allows you to play with your friends and other random players all across the globe.

The app is useful for all ages.

3: Math Master for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Next on the list of cool math games is Math Master that is really an interesting game to play. The game offers the player with lots of mathematical problems with lots of features including:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division examples
  • MIX mode examples included
  • Over 150 levels
  • Google Play achievements
  • Friendly user interface

Train your brain and improve your math skills.

Math Master - Math games
Math Master - Math games
Developer: soneg84 Games
Price: Free+

4: Math Workout for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Math Workout is a set of daily brainstorming game that is designed specifically to enhance the mental arithmetic of its players. The game offers some very amazing features that include:

  • Number of playing modes such as The Brain Cruncher, I’m feeling Clever, Mental Math Master, Times Table Master and more.
  • Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division modes are also a plus of this game.
  • The game also allows the users to compete with the world

The game helps you to keep your brain sharp, so don’t miss this one!

Math Workout
Math Workout
Developer: Brain Training
Price: Free+

5: Mental Arithmetic Math Workout for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Last but certainly not the least one, Mental Arithmetic Math Workout game is also worth trying. The game offers mental calculations with different playing modes based on level of complexity. Moreover, the game has lot to offer:

  • Online multi-player
  • World online leaderboards
  • Multiple difficulty levels including: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Different types of mathematical tests
  • Statistics of all tests and the progress of player.

Review your math skills and conquer the world!

Mental Arithmetic Math Workout
Mental Arithmetic Math Workout

Have fun with these cool math games for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge & Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus and do comment your favorite one!

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