Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Colorful 3D Wallpaper Apps

As often said, first expression is the last expression, the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the first thing, that you look at. If the screen of your phone looks boring, chances are why you are here, looking for a nice and colorful wallpaper app that can put those pixels on your phone to good use.

We have rounded a few best colorful 3D wallpaper apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, that you can walk away with style and personality.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Colorful 3D Wallpaper Apps

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Colorful 3D Wallpaper Apps Collection

1: Minima Pro Live Wallpaper App For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper is the application that is created with Google’s Material Design principles in mind, that is flooded with tons of colors and amazing shapes ad patterns. The app brings number of floating live 3D shapes on your screen. Besides this, the app brings number of amazing features including:

  • Hundreds of user created themes, ready to download.
  • Goes best with the sleek OS of Galaxy S10.
  • Shapes tilt and shift in 3D parallax motion.
  • More than 90 built-in themes.
  • Color personalization according to your choice.
  • Random mode supported to bring a new theme once a day.

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper
Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

2: Forest HD Live Wallpaper App For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you want your phone’s screen to look beautiful, relaxing and colorful, then having Forest HD on your phone is worth trying. This application is for all those who are nature loving and want to discover a peaceful forest teeming with wild life on their smartphone.

  • The app offers colorful and natural 3D Live Wallpapers
  • Field Pack offers a field of tall grass, butterflies, a rabbit, additional deer and more.
  • Stream Pack offers babbling brook winding through the forest with clear water, with changing weather conditions.
  • The Customization pack allows you to personalize the images, scenes, fireflies etc.
  • Northern Woodlands Pack features winter environment with snow moose, bear etc.

Forest HD
Forest HD
Developer: DualBoot Games
Price: $0.99+

3: Crazy Colors Live Wallpaper App For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Crazy colors live wallpaper app is worth trying on your phone, as it offers amazing live colorful themes that can make you feel bright and lively. The bright and vibrant colors are just a finger tap far.

  • Predefined Color themes.
  • Fully customization options with custom colors.
  • 3D animations with fantastic speed.

Crazy Colors Live Wallpaper
Crazy Colors Live Wallpaper

4: Mountains Now Live Wallpaper App For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Inspired by the Google Now Mountains theme, this application looks great on Galaxy S10. This one is the live wallpaper app that sets the theme in motion.

  • The wallpaper app features the upriver journey with boats travelling in your screen along the rocky mountains.
  • 3D parallax effects add to the beauty of the wallpapers.
  • Multiple screens and tablet support.

Mountains Now Free Wallpaper
Mountains Now Free Wallpaper
Developer: Intcast
Price: Free

5: Butterfly Live Wallpaper App For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Butterfly live wallpaper app brings mesmerizing and colorful images of the spring time to your smartphone. You can enjoy the beauty of cute and colorful butterflies dancing with joy delicately beneath the clear blue sky. Moreover, this lovely app offers:

  • Amazing 3D live wallpapers
  • Animated colorful butterflies decorating your screen
  • Full support for landscape mode and home screen switching.
  • Amazing HD and beautiful graphics.

Butterfly Live Wallpaper
Butterfly Live Wallpaper

Share your choice from the above mentioned colorful Live 3D wallpaper apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the comments below!

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