Top 5 Best Free Dating Apps for Teenagers in 2022 | Samsung Android Phones

In several forms dating and connecting with people have been going on for long time. Now a days there are so many ways to find and communicate with each other that it is hard to keep track all of them. Online dating services were an instant hit when they were first started long time ago. Because of these services people can connect with each other from all around the globe. In today’s post we have compiled a list of top 5 best free dating App’s for teenagers, which they can use on their Samsung Android smartphones.

Top 5 Best Free Dating Apps for Teenagers in 2020 | Samsung Android Phones

Top 5 Best Free Dating Apps for Teenagers in 2020 | Samsung Android Phones

You can find a verity of dating Android Apps on the internet, since there are a lot of developers out there. From all the dating Android Apps mentioned below you can choose which ever best suits you according to your preferences.

1. Happn Dating App for Android Samsung Phones


happn is an Android dating App, which is completely different from the Apps of its league because unlike others it matches you with people you have encountered around you. As long as you have crossed paths with them, you can talk to people from all walks of life. Among the sea of dating apps out there, this concept makes the happn dating App for Samsung smartphones incredibly unique. This could be the reason why happn has been ranked as the Editor’s Choice App. The best thing about this App is that it is absolutely free.

2. SKOUT Dating App for Android Samsung Phones


SKOUT works very well for local discovery although this app is still in its Beta phase. To get a good idea of what’s going on in the world, you simply have to find the people near you and even can look at the global feed. You can create a live broadcast of your own as well as can see who is broadcasting live if they have the setting turned on. To be able to unlock certain features, you have to spend the in-app currency.

SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live
SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live
Developer: Skout Inc.
Price: Free+

3. Hinge Dating App for Android Samsung Phones


At the time of this article Hinge is probably the best Android dating App despite the fact that it is not necessarily a new Application. If you’re looking to actually find a decent match, Hinge is the best place for that as compared to the Tinder and some other dating apps which are extremely trashy. In order to create some good potential conversation starters, Hinge allows you to fill out a pretty detailed profile on your Samsung smartphone.

Hinge - Dating & Relationships
Hinge - Dating & Relationships

4. CMB Free Dating App for Android Samsung Phones


CMB stands for “Coffee Meets Bagels”. With a handful of nifty features to make it stand out in the midst of heavy competition, it is a very exciting dating Android App for Samsung phones. If you are one of the people who don’t just want flings but a real thing to happen to them then this App is designed for you. CMB helps you get to know the person better, good thing is that if you find them to be spamming you or promoting abuse then you can report or un-match them straight away.

5. OKCupid Dating App for Android Samsung Phones


OKCupid is another Android dating App which you should give a try. This Application is actually a more traditional matching service then those, which are typically swipe here and there crape that we’ve fallen into in the last few years. To get yourself OKCupid just simply Create a profile, answer a variety of different questions about yourself and that’s it. This App uses its own algorithm to help you determine who you are most compatible with.

As a teen there are a lot of excellent applications that you can use for dating. Our recommended is Hinge because in our findings out of all others, this one seems to be the least trashy. Hinge is closest you’ll get to let’s say a legit dating website. However all the Apps mentioned in this top 5 list are compatible with almost every Android version. To be able to find out which one you like the best from this list, you can give them all a try on your Samsung Android smartphone.

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