Top 5 Best Android Pie Launcher Apps 2020 Samsung Galaxy S10

Want to get the taste of Android Pie on your Samsung Galaxy devices? Don’t worry, everyone does! We have gathered a list of top 5 apps that will not only provide you with the Android Pie features but also allow you to get most out of it.

Top 5 Best Android Pie Launcher Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

Top 5 Best Android Pie Launcher Apps in 2019 for Samsung Phones

So ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and discover the top 5 best Android Pie Launcher Apps in 2020 for Samsung phones.

1. P Launcher for Android 9.0 Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones

You don’t have to wait for the official Android Pie to reach your phone anymore when you can have the features of this update with a single app. This P Launcher for Android app has got the same Pie style with a number of useful features and tools. Here are a few of them:

  1. Categorized Apps to find your app easily and quickly.
  2. Unified Circle App Icons allowing you to customize them
  3. 5000 plus launcher theme support
  4. Launcher background customization
  5. Hide status bar feature

And much more. Get it downloaded and make your phone more efficient.

P Launcher for Android™ 9.0
P Launcher for Android™ 9.0

2. Pie Launcher 9.0 for Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

This is another Android Pie themed launcher, featuring loads of features for you, including:

  1. 1000+ cool themes support
  2. Icon Pack support
  3. App drawer feature
  4. Notification dot feature
  5. Pie Launcher Support
  6. Drawer background light support
  7. Android 9.0 Widget support

And there’s a lot to discover. So visit the link and enjoy Pie on your Android now.

Pie Launcher 2021
Pie Launcher 2021
Developer: Beauty Apps Studio
Price: Free+

3. POCO Launcher for Samsung Galaxy Phones

POCO launcher is another best launcher featuring Android Pie theme. It is a fully featured launcher featuring tons of customization options and:

  1. App Drawer for a cleaner home screen
  2. Customizable home screen layout
  3. Convenient search feature
  4. Manage apps feature
  5. Privacy and protection

All this while providing fast and smooth Android experience like never before.

4. P Launcher for Android Samsung S10 Phone

This Pie Launcher for Android has packed tons of features, while providing the users with the fastest Android experience ever. This app supports:

  1. Edit app icon feature
  2. Launcher grid size customization
  3. Gesture support
  4. 10+ launcher search bar options
  5. Desktop lock launcher
  6. Hide status bar

In addition to all that, this app makes your phone look polished and modern.

5. Super P Launcher for Android & Samsung S10 Phones

Super P launcher for Android really lives up to its name and offers some exceptional tools and features for the users including:

  1. Android P Theme and icon packs
  2. Android P style folder
  3. Android P style app drawer
  4. Notification badge
  5. Transition effects for lock screen
  6. Rounded corner screen

And much more. So download it on your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and enjoy Android P without any wait.

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