Top 5 Best Android Forms Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Smartphones have replaced computers and desktops in millions of ways. Sure, you need a computer to perform some complex tasks like coding, working with PowerPoint, etc. but some similar tasks can now be easily done at the smaller screens of smartphones including creating and sharing forms.

Thanks to the IT professionals that have created a ton of apps for making and sharing forms on Android smartphones seamlessly. If you are also in search of one similar app, we have made your task easier. We have rounded up a list of 5 Best Android Forms Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus. Check them out and thank us later.

Top 5 Best Android Forms Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Top 5 Best Android Forms Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Check these apps out on Google Play Store and get your form creating job done effortlessly.

1. Mobile Forms App

This one is free to use the form builder app that lets you create and share forms using your Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Note 10+ easily. The app has got multiple amazing features, like:

  1. Building forms from scratch
  2. Capture images
  3. Capture signatures
  4. Scanning QR codes
  5. File uploads
  6. Calculation performance

And much more. The app has also got beautiful templates and themes for you.

2. Survey Monkey

Using the SurveyMonkey mobile app—SurveyMonkey

This one is another excellent form creation app on the go. The app is actually created for surveys and has got a list of features that you will love. These features include:

  1. Creating a survey from scratch
  2. Sending and sharing surveys through emails, texts, etc.
  3. Pre-existing templates
  4. Several survey questionnaires
  5. Tools to collect data

And not just that, the app has got an amazing interface for getting your job done effortlessly.

Developer: SurveyMonkey
Price: Free

3. FormsApp

Google Forms Android App

This is most probably the best form builder application that is built for Google Forms. Although the app is unofficial it has got some pretty amazing features for you. These features include:

  1. Creating and editing Google Forms on the go
  2. Offline working feature
  3. Different survey templates
  4. Drafts feature for your incomplete forms

In addition to that, the app has got multiple customization features that make it one of the best forms app for Android devices.

Developer: SurveyHeart
Price: Free

4. JotForm

This one is another amazing form builder application that works online. The app comes with a simple user interface along with some next-level features that make forms and survey creation easy AF. This app offers:

  1. Paperless forms creation
  2. Generation and editing forms and surveys
  3. Collecting and managing data on the go
  4. GPS location capture

And much more.

5. MoreApp Forms

MoreApp Forms is another decent form building application for Android devices. The app also has:

  1. Pre-existing templates
  2. Form creation from scratch
  3. Import data from spreadsheets
  4. Brand Logo Placement

The app also allows you to capture signatures, photos and videos and much more.


MoreApp Forms
MoreApp Forms
Developer: MoreApp Forms
Price: Free

These apps from the Play Store is an amazing way to go paperless and digitalize your forms and documents on the go. So get these apps on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note Plus and save your time for good.

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