Top 3 Best Kids Movie & Slideshow Maker Apps for Android & Galaxy S10+

Bygone are the days when your kids stick to only one thing and sit back in their place. With the advancing world, kids have also developed their interests in everything going around them. They try to use figure everything out and their usage of smartphone is no exception. That is the reason IT developers have created tailored apps for kids of today’s generation.

In this post, we will highlight the best 3 movie and video making apps for the kids so that they can shoot the films effortlessly using the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or other Android phones.

Top 3 Best Kids Movie & Slideshow Maker Apps for Android & Galaxy S10+

Top 3 Best Kids Movie & Slideshow Maker Apps for Android & Galaxy S10+

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the 3 best kids movie and slideshow maker apps for Android & Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

1. Flipagram

Among the many video making applications available on the Play Store. Flipagram is the best app for the kids’ usage. Whether your kid wants to be the next award-winning movie director or a first class internet vlogger, this app has got him covered. The app comes with tons of amazing features that make your kids happy, in addition to easy to use interface. The app also helps the kids to widen their imagination and learn something new, through animations and slideshows of still images. The additional features of this app include

  1. Montage Maker
  2. Quick video editing and making
  3. Customization options
  4. Text and music adding features
  5. Tons of fonts and filters to choose from
  6. Instagram style social network

Moreover, teens can also view projects created by others through Instagram.


2. Animoto Video Maker

Creating videos and slideshows have never been this easy before. You don’t have to waste your time or your kid’s on other video making apps as this one has got everything you need. This app allows your kids to make memories anytime, anywhere, on the go. It also helps the young user to add to is creativity by adding filters, effect, stickers and much more. The application also features the feature to make slideshows using the previous photos that can help your kid with his family project. In addition to that, there is also an option to add texts, and music to the videos and download them to your Samsung Galaxy device or other phones effortlessly. You can also send the created videos via social media or MMS. It features:

  1. Slideshow making feature
  2. Tons of personalizing options
  3. Sharing features

Animoto Video Maker
Animoto Video Maker
Developer: Animoto Inc.
Price: Free+

3. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto - Smart Video Editor & Maker

Make and edit your videos effortlessly using Magisto video editor and maker. The application has got everything that you and your young ones need to fulfill his video making and editing needs. There is an automated video maker that automatically makes amazing videos and slideshows using photos and videos. The app focuses teenagers primarily as it offers video making within a few clicks. Simply,

  1. Choose your editing style
  2. Choose videos and photos to add
  3. Choose music

And there it is!

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