Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Every now and then Apple releases new features for its iPhone that every Android smartphone user wish were available for Android. In 2017 iPhone X comes loaded with a 3d animated message feature called Animoji. To replicate the facial movement of the user it uses the hardware of the iPhone’s front facing camera, with that it becomes easier to create talking and moving emoji recordings. Because of that Animoji’s are known as 3D emojis or animated emojis, to be honest it is a really cool feature to use.

Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones

In Android’s case this feature doesn’t comes built in, but don’t get depressed. In our today’s post we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones. They work same as iPhone’s Animoji App but they have more features and better functionality. Most of the Apps we have mentioned in our list are free to use, with each and every App we have included the download link.

1. Bitmoji – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Bitmoji Android App is your own personal emoji, it is one of the best alternatives of Animoji. You can create an expressive cartoon avatar wit this amazing App. It allows you to choose from a huge library of stickers then use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat. Using Bitmoji App in Snapchat on your Samsung smartphone will unlock Friendmoji. Which includes 2 person Bitmoji’s featuring you and your friends. This Android App is extremely easy to use and user friendly. More than 3 million Android smartphone users are already using this App.

Developer: Bitmoji
Price: Free

2. EMOJI Face Recorder – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Record your face and your emotions to awesome 3D models with EMOJI Face Recorder Android App, such as Unicorn, Panda, Horse, White Bear, Crocodile, Beaver, Leopard, Tiger, Bunny, Bat, Squirrel, Mole, Owl, Opossum, Porcupine, Raccoon, Shark, Lizard, Skunk, Turtle and more. Also new 3D emoticons includes Fun, Sleep, Cry, Cool, Angry, Love, Surprised, Angel etc. EMOJI video includes your voice and you can share your videos within social Apps form your Samsung phone, Share them with your friends to be amused and make your day more colorful.

EMOJI Face Recorder
EMOJI Face Recorder
Developer: Fentazy
Price: Free+

3. Bemoji – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Bemoji is your personal 3D Avatar and Emoji Android App. Create your own Emojis and GIFs with your own avatar from tons of options. This Android App enables you to express yourself with a huge library of animated GIFs and Emojis of your own character to chat with friends from you Samsung phone wherever you want. Bemoji App provides a great variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair styles, hair colors and more to make it looks just like you. A huge library of animated GIFs and Emojis for you to express your every mood at every occasion.

4. MSQRD – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks with MSQRD Android App. This Android App is So much fun to use on your Samsung smartphone, there are so many filters which makes it way more advanced than other similar ones. It transform the way you look through amazing masks and effects such as Turn into a panda, zombie or even face swap with your friends.

Save or share photos/videos and now broadcast yourself live to your friends, family and fans on Facebook while wearing your favorite masks.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

5. Emoji Maker – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


To be able to use Emoji Maker Android App you must have an Animated Emoji supported Samsung smartphone. It will enable you to use a new kind of emojis called Animated Emojis. The available characters are fox, pig, dog, cat, chicken, monkey, panda etc. The new live emoji feature in OS 11 and OS12 allows you to send or receive animated emojis. You can also express yourself with 3D animated stickers and emojis featuring you as a cartoon avatar. Emoji Maker Android App enables you to make your own emoji.

6. ZEPETO – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


ZEPETO Android App is the only 3D avatar Application yet for your Samsung Android phones. With a simple click, it allows you to make a character that looks just like you. Just take a selfie to make your 3D avatar. Trending new styles are released every week so fill up your closet and dress up. You can decorate with the fashion and interior of your choice, hundreds of customization options are available. Check out ZEPETO App’s exclusive item collections collaborated with the world’s hottest brands.

Price: Free+

7. MojiPop – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Instantly create your own funny cartoon stickers with MojiPop Android App and add a pinch of humor to your daily chats. In just 2 taps, you can access thousands of caricatures and animated stickers on your Samsung phone using your face for any emotion or situation. Just pick your favorite one, send it and you’re guaranteed to surprise your friends and get questions asking how you did it. Its cartoon stickers add excitement to your daily conversations and help lighten the mood. If you want to access the keyboard please select it via your system settings.

8. VideoMoji: Make Animoji Avatar – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Make your messages more emotional and catchy with VideoMoji Android App. Use your emotions and expressions to create eye catching videos on your Samsung smartphone. This App will enable you to feel the thrill of communicating via virtual 3D character. With Videomoji App you will be able to bring life to any AR moji, Communicate as a 3D panda or tiger, Record funny videos, Share with friends via any messenger, Be creative in everyday communication etc. You can enjoy many more features with VideoMoji Android App.

VideoMoji: Make Animoji Avatar
VideoMoji: Make Animoji Avatar
Developer: Banuba
Price: Free

9. Typany Emoji Keyboard – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Typany Emoji keyboard Android App is the first to combine all the different DIY features on Play Store including DIY Theme, Animoji, Emoji Maker, DIY Message, Sound, Font and more. It also supports the instant translation of 100+ languages. Typany keyboard is a high rated all in one keyboard Application that provides you with a high speed and personalized typing experience on your Samsung smartphone. It allows you to customize your own keyboard theme, choosing your favorite photo and wallpapers.

10. Emojidom Emoticons – Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones


Emojidom emoji Android App makes all your messengers more fun. Emojidom Application offers smileys, stickers and emoji’s for Instagram, Twitter, Hangouts, Snapchat, LINE, stickers WeChat, Kik, Viber, Telegram, Allo, Threema, textPlus and other social media. Over 130 popular themes such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, love Emoticons, Valentine stickers, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving are available. It also includes flowers, happy birthday, cats and dogs, unicorn, football, basketball, yoga and many more emoticons.

Here you have our list of Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones. This list is completely random so you can give every App a try to find out which one is best according to your choice. The accuracy of the App’s performance depends on your smartphone’s hardware, however all of the Apps mentioned above can run perfectly on any recent Android phone. With the success of these Applications it seems like in the future we could see much more growth in Animoji Apps for Android.

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