Make Free WiFi Calls, Send Files on Android Galaxy S10 Plus with Talkie App

Ever faced a situation where you are out of credit and need to call someone urgently? Just a few years ago, this was a serious problem being faced by the people where free calling seemed to be a dream that came true with the introduction of social media applications for smartphones. With such apps, you can now call for free, anywhere anytime, send files and media, using a Wi-Fi connection.

Looking for such an app that would make your life easier as hell? We have you covered. Talkie App will let you call for free, send files and multimedia easily without any hassle. So scroll down to know what the talkie app has got for you.

Talkie App WiFi Calls & Send Files for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Make Free WiFi Calls, Send Files on Android Galaxy S10 Plus with Talkie App

This app lives up to the name of the app and provides you everything that you need to fill in the communication gaps. This app is not only for placing voice calls but it is a social media application allowing you to send and receive files and multimedia on the go with even poorest network signals.

Here are the highlights of the Talkie App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other Android apps

1. Be Connected Everywhere

As mentioned earlier, this app goes beyond calling and that is the best part about it. The application allows you to be connected to your friends and loved ones on the go. No matter where on Earth you are, the talkie app allows you to stay connected to your friends and family via messaging, voice calls and group chats.

2. Make Calls with or Without Internet Connection

You might be thinking that it is a similar app like that of WhatsApp but you are taking it wrong. The thing that sets the Talkie app apart from other similar apps is that it works with or without Wi-Fi. You don’t have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data connection to make calls. All you need is to create your own wireless network and there you go. It allows you to connect to your people in places like train, airplane, forest, etc.

3. Good Quality Sound Even With Poorest Wi-Fi Signals

Another best feature of this application is that it offers good quality sound on calls even when the Wi-Fi signals are extremely weak. The app works best in places like mountains, stadium, airplane or other similar public places where numerous people are using the internet.

4. Easy to Use Interface

If you have been a user of WhatsApp, you will feel like home at Talkie. The app is quite similar in looks and interface as that of WhatsApp and offers the easy to use functions. You can see the people who are online, set your profile along with your name and profile picture, see your connections’ pictures chat in a group and even send and receive the multimedia and other document files on the speed of your internet connection.

Download Talkie App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Talkie is available in premium and freemium version as Talkie Pro and Talkie Lite. Download or purchase the app to stay connected with your loved ones on the go.

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