How to Take Screenshot via Restricted Android Apps on Galaxy S10+ & Note10+?

You can learn how to take a screenshots in many restricted Android Apps such as Chrome’s Incognito browsing, secured Facebook pages, Tor Browser and in various popular video streaming apps, from this guide. You could found some important content while browsing a web page in Incognito mode and you simply want a screenshot of it for whatever reason. It will be a big disappointment if the admin haven’t allowed to do that. You will face this same issue if you try to take a screenshot from Tor browser.

How to Take Screenshot via Restricted Android Apps on Galaxy S10+ & Note10 Plus?

How to Take Screenshot via Restricted Android Apps on Galaxy Note10 Plus?

There is nothing wrong with your browser or your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the real reason is that you cannot capture screenshots while browsing in a private mode. Don’t worry, in the tutorial below we have shared a method to solve this problem.


Method to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps

Taking a snap from another device could be one obvious way of taking screenshots in such restricted apps. This method is without a doubt the best way but feasible at the same time. That’s why it cannot fit in the definition of the best method. Using the Google Assistant app is another easy yet efficient way of taking screenshots in these restricted Apps. You can try this in many Incognito modes, while private browsing and also in many banking apps. It works out pretty well, every time. You have to first set up the Google Assistant app in order to take screenshots in various restricted apps.

How to Set Up Google Assistant App

  1. Open the Google Assistant app by saying OK Google. You can also long press the Home button or gesture navigation pill (If you are Android 9 Pie user) to open the Google Assistant app.
  2. Tap on the compass icon present on the bottom right.
  3. Now you would be taken to the Explore page. Tap on your avatar present at the top right corner.
  4. Choose the Settings option from the drop down menu.
  5. Next, tap on Assistant. Scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the Assistant devices section.
  6. Tap on Phone and navigate to the bottom until you reach the General section.
  7. Enable Use screen context and Donate screen captures.
  8. That’s it. You are done with setting up the Google Assistant App. Now move to the next section to begin the process of taking screenshots.

Take Screenshots Via Restricted Apps

  1. Open the app which doesn’t allow taking screenshots.
  2. Again awake the Google Assistant App by saying OK Google.
  3. When the interface gets opened, select what’s on my screen? You can also speak the same.
  4. Although you may get a message stating nothing found on the screen. Ignore it and simply tap on the Share Screenshot situated at the bottom left.
  5. Now share the screenshot as you wish or save it to your gallery.

That’s it, here you have a detailed guide on how you can capture screenshots in restricted apps. We recommend that you should turn off the Screen Analysis option present in the Google Assistant Settings menu, once the desired screenshot has been taken. Otherwise, Google will keep on analyzing all the activities happening on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Do not skip or ignore any of the steps mentioned in the instructions above, just follow them as it is. If you do that, there should be no problem at all during the whole process.

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