Top 5 Best Spy Light Bulbs with Camera and WiFi in 2020

The light bulb spy cameras are so similar with the regular light bulbs that no one can recognize them at least in first glance. It seems very hard to believe that there is a camera inside them to record every movement. It’s because these light bulb spy cameras are designed to fit in regular bulbs sockets in your home, office, shop or where ever you want to install. Meaning you don’t need to do any drilling or other stuff to install them instead just simply place them in the socket, nothing can be more convenient. [...]  Read More

Top 15 Amazing Robots, Toys & Gadgets That Galaxy S7 Edge Can Control

Top 15 Best Gadgets, Toys, Drones, Robots Which Can Be Controlled with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

After having covered lots of Amazing Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, today we will have a look at Amazing Robots, Toys and Gadgets that work with Samsung Galaxy S7 or Edge smartphone. These robots and toys can be connected via Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of Bluetooth of WiFi connectivity. And Galaxy S7 Edge acts like their remote control. [...]  Read More

6 Wireless Mini HD Android Projectors For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile WiFi Wireless Projector

As we are covering up most of the Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge, today we will highlight how easily you can use Wireless Projectors with your Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge / S8 / S8+. Since this hardware feature doesn’t come pre-equipped with Galaxy S7. So we will have to buy a portable wireless projector for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S8 / S8+. [...]  Read More