20 Best Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone

For the company Samsung, Galaxy Note 10 Series (which includes Note 10 Plus and the Note 10 Plus 5G) is doing great so far. With its performance on all fronts, this powerhouse device has impressed a lot of people since its launch. You should learn some great tips to get more out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, if you are using this beast as your smartphone. In this post we will be discussing about how you can unlock the Galaxy Note 10 Plus hidden features with bunch of cool Galaxy Note 10 tips, tricks, and settings. [...]  Read More

6 Unique Tips & Tricks To Master Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The two Samsung flagships of 2016 are out for a long time. And I am sure there are millions of people out there who crave for these phones and among them there are some who already have got one. No doubt that these two smartphones i.e; Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge come with the number of amazing features but still most of the people have no idea about them. [...]  Read More