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Big Drop in Samsung Profits of Q4 2018

Big Drop in Samsung Profits of Q4 2018

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 series became the talk of the town, the South Korean Giant is in some other dimension. After the Apple Inc. dropped the bomb of disappointing results in its sales, the South Korean Giant, Samsung also issued the earning guidance for the final quarter of the year 2018 and that is […]

Galaxy S7 & Edge Make Big Profits For Samsung in 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Profitable For Samsung

Samsung Electronics’ earnings report for the second quarter of 2016 show the company expecting to record its strongest profits in more than two years. Samsung expects to have made about 8.1 trillion won ($7 billion) in operating profit off 49.8 trillion won ($43 billion) in revenue during the period between April to June, representing a […]

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