Top 5 Best Watch Face Apps for Android Smartwatches

Top 5 Best Watch Face Apps for Android Smartwatches

Today, the technology has reached a point where you can use your mobile phone with a watch. Yes, I am talking about the smartwatches that have been around the wild a few years but have changed the way wristwatches used to be. With those smartwatches, you can access the games, notifications, messaging app of your mobile phone along with the benefit of just time and date. [...]  Read More

Samsung Beats Apple in USA With Galaxy S7 & Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Beats Apple iPhone in USA United States

Samsung’s recent ride on results these last few years has been a right roller coaster. Having cemented its dominance in the Android market place very early on, the electronics giant began to falter with its Galaxy S5 hardware in 2014. Things began to improve with the S6 last year. 2016 however, is proving to be a proper return to form thanks to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. [...]  Read More

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