Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Offer 105MP Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

It’s never too early for some juicy leaks despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S11 may still be five months away. Information about the under display fingerprint scanner, range of colors and even the software has gotten leaked on the internet recently. Now a new report about Samsung Galaxy S11’s all new camera setup has been published in details on a well-known tech website. Before we start this post, keep in mind that at this stage everything below is not confirmed by the company yet. [...]  Read More

Google Chrome 77 Lets You Share Web Pages with Android Smartphones

A stable version 77 of Chrome has been rolled out recently by Google. In this version Google also has introduced two new features, which are ability to share web pages across various devices including Android smartphones and a revamped download menu. In the past these features were hidden inside of the Google Chrome’s experimental flags options, that’s why they are not exactly as new. But now you don’t need to enable them from any flags, since they are already available on the generic platform. [...]  Read More

Galaxy Note 10 Offers New Samsung DeX Features with Mac & Windows PC

Samsung DeX enables you to run all your Android Apps of Galaxy Note 10 in a desktop like experience. It is one of the coolest features which Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones offer. Before the launch of Note 10 an external display which accepts video input was required for using Samsung DeX. But Now Samsung has specifically made a desk client for  smartphone. Which allows you to use Samsung DeX on top of Windows and macOS as well. It is a pretty use full feature for Galaxy Note 10 users. [...]  Read More

Samsung Galaxy M30s to Have a Monster Size Battery of 6000mAh

A half yearly refresh is planned by the south Korean Giant Samsung for its Galaxy M and Galaxy A series smartphones. In which they will attach “S” Suffix to the devices and also do some improvements in certain areas. Just recently Samsung has announced their new line up of Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A10s and Galaxy A50s smartphones. Some sources are claiming that now Samsung is soon going to launch a latest smartphone with massive 6,000 mAh battery. [...]  Read More

Samsung Android 10 Update with One UI 2.0 Might Be Leaked Online

Just recently, an eleven minutes long video has been leaked in which Android 10 is running on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. The video is revealed by a Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha. In which he has done a comparison on how much One UI 2.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is different from One UI 1.0 of Samsung S9 Plus. However this is not 100% conformed that it is legitimate because the notification of SecurityLogAgent can be spotted. Which means that a non-official binary is running on the device. [...]  Read More

Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Firefox ScreenshotGo App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Finding your saved screenshots can became a headache for you. But this trouble is now over. Because Firefox has just launched there Screenshot Go app for android. Firefox ScreenshotGo organizes your all screenshots in a very easy to find manner. The amazing thing about Firefox ScreenshotGo is that it gives you the ability of finding all of your Screenshots with text. [...]  Read More