Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email Client on Android Samsung Phones

The Time Warner Cable Internet service provider provides you an email service, which is known as the Roadrunner email. There are chances that you have been given a Roadrunner email account, if you are using this ISP. You can access your Roadrunner email account by using an email client or through web-mail (browser) from your Samsung Android smartphone. In this guide we will explain the whole procedure of how you can setup Roadrunner email client via your Android Samsung Mobile device[...]  Read More

How to Take Screenshot via Restricted Android Apps on Galaxy S10+ & Note10+?

You can learn how to take a screenshots in many restricted Android Apps such as Chrome’s Incognito browsing, secured Facebook pages, Tor Browser and in various popular video streaming apps, from this guide. You could found some important content while browsing a web page in Incognito mode and you simply want a screenshot of it for whatever reason. It will be a big disappointment if the admin haven’t allowed to do that. You will face this same issue if you try to take a screenshot from Tor browser. [...]  Read More

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to Download / Recovery Mode?

You must be familiar with certain basics, if you are one of the owners of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Including the Volume Up/Down and a side button which also works as a Bixby button and can be used to power on the device when it’s switched off, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus have just 3 hardware buttons in total. We will be discussing the functions of the Note 10 buttons and key combinations in today’s post as well, so you must read this post till the very end. [...]  Read More

How to Fix Samsung S10+ / Note10+ Blurry Camera or Out of Focus Camera?

If the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not focusing as it should and getting blurry all the time than it does not mean that it’s a big issue, so do not panic. The problem could go away on its own in majority of cases after some time or perhaps the way you are holding the smartphone is not steady enough to allow your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to focus on an object. However below in today’s guide, we will share with you some troubleshooting steps on what you should do to fix this problem. [...]  Read More

How to Flash TWRP Recovery on Any Samsung Galaxy Phone with Universal TWRP Flasher?

You probably have already heard of TWRP recovery, if you’re someone who has ever tried to flash a custom ROM, flash any mods or even root your Android smartphone. If you’re looking for a custom recovery, then now a days on most of the devices it is your only option. Flashing the recovery on most devices is pretty much the same, since every device needs a different build of TWRP recovery. In this post we will guide you through the whole procedure of how you can Flash TWRP on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone with universal TWRP Flasher[...]  Read More

How to Factory Restore / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

In this post we will show you how to do a Factory/Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus. By using a keys combination, you can use this operation to fix issues like, freezing, running slow, to remove a file or virus or to clear the memory space or if you forget your security code, password, pattern or pin code. This method will not upgrade or downgrade the firmware version of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 plus, it will not unlock the network lock on your device as well. [...]  Read More

[Solved] Fix Blurry Images on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

[Solved] Fix Blurry Images on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

Samsung is known to provide the amazing quality camera to its Galaxy users and with the release of Galaxy S10, Samsung ensured that the users will have the best camera with perfect images and picture quality. Although Samsung Galaxy S10 is all great with incredible features and a plethora of amazing new technologies, it could not live up to its claims of providing the best camera and image quality to its users. [...]  Read More

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