Download MapQuest Maps & GPS Navigation Android App for Samsung Phones

If you travel in United States or Canada then MapQuest maps and navigation Android App has the best tools for you. It provides users turn by turn GPS Navigation. You can use voice navigation for walking, get direction while driving or explore points of interests on the map with MapQuest App right from your Android Samsung smartphone. It is one of the best alternative to Google Maps you can use, since the play store services are pretty heavy to use. If you want to use other similar Apps, they also runs slow due to their size. [...]  Read More

Download Torque Pro OBD II Car Scanner App for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ & S10+

Torque Pro Android App enables you to see what your car is doing in real-time such as your car performance, sensor data and more. It can also show OBD fault codes. Torque is basically a car performance and vehicle diagnostics tool and scanner. To connect with your OBD2 engine management and ECU, it uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter. Torque Pro Android App comes with built in widgets and gauges. With them you can layout your own dashboard, however you want on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or Galaxy S10 Plus[...]  Read More

Life360 Family Locator GPS Tracker App for Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus

If you want to stay connected to the people who matters most for you than just install Life360’s Family Locator GPS Tracker Android App. Life360’s Family locator enables you to create your own private groups called circles. In which you can add your loved ones, teammates and whoever you want to. Then you can chat with them in family locator for absolutory Free. With Family Locator Android App installed on your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10, you can stay connected with your family 24/7. [...]  Read More

Locus Map Pro Outdoor GPS Navigation Maps for Android Samsung S10 & Note 10

All over the world Locus Map Pro Android App is widely used by professionals like explorers, travelers or rescue squads etc. Not only for them but for all the outdoor enthusiasts as well like hikers, mountain bikers, mountaineers, trail runners or geocaches. Locus Map Pro Android App developed by Asamm Software S.R.O is the ultimate Navigation Application. This amazing GPS Navigation App can also provide you the world wide 24/7 weather forecast on your Android Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Smartphones. It does also includes Offline Maps. [...]  Read More

Full MirrorLink | Floating Apps for Auto Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

When we talk about GPS Apps, Almost all of them are normally single purpose. And if any of them can do some other things then you need to minimize or close the GPS to do other stuff. Which is pretty annoying. But now you can do multitasking without closing or minimizing your GPS with Full MirrorLink Floating Apps for Auto & Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. This app uses Accessibility API for easing use of Back and Recent Apps buttons. Full mirror link Floating Apps enables you to use multiple Applications at once. [...]  Read More

Waze GPS Offline Maps Live Navigation App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Waze Offline GPS maps traffic alerts and live navigation app works in real time and alerts you about construction, traffic, Police and crashes ahead in your way, even if you know the route. When a user chose a route and traffic is bad there. Waze Offline GPS changes the route to save your time. Now you will always know what is happening on the road with the help of Waze GPS. This is basically a GPS but it is capable of performing many more tasks which none of other similar Apps can do. [...]  Read More