Top 5 Best YouTube Intro Maker Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Top 5 Best YouTube Intro Maker & Animation Apps for Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10, Note 9

Creating a YouTube intro and video is quite a tedious and hardworking task that requires efforts, time and sweat all along. Although the advancements in technology have made it quite easy to create the intro and animations, still you need to find the right one that can help you create exceptional videos effortlessly and that too free of cost. [...]  Read More

Top 10 Best Video & Movie Player Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Video Movie Player Apps [2019 Download]

With the screens of smartphones become bigger and HD, more and more people are turning to their mobile phones for content playing. It has become easier for the Android & Samsung Galaxy mobile users and movie freaks to simply turn on their phone and transform them into a mini theatre, without even have to go anywhere. Yes, the phones can become a portable theatre with the right video player. [...]  Read More

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Android App for Samsung Phones

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App for Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

PDFs have been around for almost three decades. That makes them one of the most old and prevalent file systems. The reason of their everlasting fame is that they combine text formatting and images into single file type and this type is capable enough to work universally across different operating systems and different devices. Though all email services, web browsers, applications and operating systems also allow you to view PDF, but that is not what they are designed for. [...]  Read More

Download ROBLOX Adventure Android Game for Samsung Phones

ROBLOX Adventure Game for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 9, S10

When it comes to the most popular android games to play for Samsung Phones, Minecraft’s Adventure games comes to the mind. But not anymore. ROBLOX has been called as the world’s most popular game that most of the people never heard of. It even has outnumbered Minecraft’s users and that made us review it for the Android devices like Samsung Galaxy phones. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Apps to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android Samsung Phones

Top 5 Best Apps to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Galaxy S10, Note 10 Plus

WhatsApp needs no introduction. Right? Everyone uses it to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues and that too on a daily basis. With a number of features, this messaging app recently rolled out its “Delete for Everyone” feature that lets the sender delete the unwanted sent message. [...]  Read More

Download Fortnite Installer APK 4.0.2 Battle Royale Android Shooter Game for Samsung Phones

Fortnite Battle Royale Game for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 8, S10

The advancement in smartphone technology has brought a really enthralling upgrade for the players and gamers. Especially the phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus offer the ultimate gaming experience to the gamers, allowing them to fall in love right away. But only a few games are built for such phones and they are difficult to find, unfortunately. [...]  Read More

Top 10 Best Android FPS Battle Royale or PUBG & Fortnite Alternative Games

Top 10 Best FPS Battle Royale or PUBG Games - Galaxy S10 Plus & Android

Battle royale niche has evolved quite a great after the introduction of PUBG and Fortnite like games on the Play Store. There are already millions of players for this niche all across the globe and continuously increasing. This is because of the fact that the games are action packed, have long play times and comes with a fairly simple premise. [...]  Read More

Download Samsung One Hand Operation+ Gesture Control App for Android Phones

Not long ago One Hand Operation+ App was released by Samsung on Google Play Store, with this App you can now use your Android phone or Tablet easily with only thumb. Thin gesture handles will be added to the left and right side of the screen, the moment you will set the function. By swiping this handle, defined functions will be executed. The default function is the Back button which most frequently used. You can also set various functions on horizontal, diagonal up and diagonal down direction gestures. [...]  Read More

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Just like smartphones, smart homes have also become the need of the hour. Not only our houses need the assistance of smart appliances but also they need a secured environment. Thanks to the WiFi cameras that are inexpensive and easy to set up as well. These cameras not only allow you to keep your home secure and safe but also lets you keep an eye on your baby’s room, ensure you that the basement isn’t flooded with water and your kitchen is safe from those little mice. [...]  Read More