Samsung Teasing About Galaxy Note 8, Price, Specs & Release Date

Is Samsung Teasing About Galaxy Note 8?

One after the other! The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 has opened the way to rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and as usual, we are getting thousands of them. A number of websites and blogs have already posted about its design, price, release date and its feature. But these are all rumors. From what we know so far is that there is definitely going to be a stretched out version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 soon out in the market. [...]  Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Official Hands on Video, Specs & Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Official Specs Price Release Date Video

The Galaxy Note 8 has been launched today, and Samsung seems pretty hopeful about the sales of their latest Galaxy Note flagship of 2017 that is Galaxy Note 8. People / customers who already love the S Pen and bigger screen features, along with dual camera and stereo speakers. That’s a perfect combination packed with latest software features from Samsung. It is basically targeted for business class, who wants tech style with distinction. The name hasn’t changed. It is a Galaxy Note through and through, and it’s definitely the nicest one Samsung has ever made. Preorders begin tomorrow on all the major US carriers, and an unlocked model will be available at launch for the first time. The Note 8 will be released in stores on September 15th. [...]  Read More