Turn Galaxy Note 10 Plus Front Camera into Battery Indicator With Energy Ring App

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the first which sets the trend of punch hole camera cutout to Samsung’s flagship lineup. Users reaction to this camera placement are mixed because some people want to use it as a way to show off Samsung’s precision cut within the display by using apps like Energy Ring to turn the area around the display hole into a battery indicator. On the other hand some users want to hide it by using creative wallpapers in a way that the hole blends in and no longer remains distinctly visible. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Battery Calibration Apps for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus

The one harsh truth you cannot deny is that like any other component of the smartphone or other devices, batteries also do get degrade over the time. Sometimes it could happen faster than you expect. When that happens it result in causing the smartphones operating system to misunderstand, that how much power actually the battery has left. To prevent this scenario Battery Calibration Apps can help Android users. [...]  Read More

Download Energy Bar Battery Indicator App for Galaxy S7, S8, S9 & Note 8

Download Energy Bar Battery Indicator App for Galaxy S7, S8, S9 & Note 8

Regardless to say, today’s smartphones feature the possible best features. However, if there is one aspect that almost all the android users want to change in their smartphones is probably the indication of their battery status. Although the battery indicators have only a single task to do, but it would not hurt if a little creativity was put into them. Make sure to check out Best Battery Saver Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9[...]  Read More