PlayGalaxy Allows to Stream PC Games on Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus

There was one feature that flew under the radar during the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus launch because of the fact that event was immensely packed, that feature was PlayGalaxy Link. With this feature you can stream games directly from your computer to you capable Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  It is without a doubt really great service, especially during the time when we are entering in the era of 5G connectivity. Where Apps requires low latency and a lot of bandwidth. It seems like Samsung has introduce this feature on the right time. [...]  Read More

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to Download / Recovery Mode?

You must be familiar with certain basics, if you are one of the owners of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Including the Volume Up/Down and a side button which also works as a Bixby button and can be used to power on the device when it’s switched off, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus have just 3 hardware buttons in total. We will be discussing the functions of the Note 10 buttons and key combinations in today’s post as well, so you must read this post till the very end. [...]  Read More

5 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Easily Beats Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The specs and features which iPhone 11 Pro brings seems superior on paper if you compare them with what Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers. Despite the facts that iPhone 11 has introduce the most powerful processor till this date first time in a smartphone, larger battery and much improved cameras from their last years smartphone, Galaxy Note 10 Plus still easily beats iPhone 11 in 5 ways. Which shows that launch of iPhone 11 does not means game over for Note 10 Plus. [...]  Read More

Remove Google Account or Bypass FRP Lock on Galaxy Note10 Plus [Feb 2020]

In this post, we will demonstrate how to remove google account on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. Amazingly this method actually works on all Samsung devices which are running Android 9 Pie. Now days almost every Android device relies on a Google Account for activation.  Google has implemented a security feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP), in an effort to make devices more secure if your device is lost or stolen. There is no doubt that it is a pretty useful security feature. [...]  Read More

How to Fix Custom Binary Blocked FRP/FAP Lock on Galaxy Note10 Plus?

If you are getting Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock error on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus, then you have clicked on the right post. In today’s article we will briefly tell you the detailed step by step guide to solve this error. But before proceeding to the guide, if you didn’t attempt factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus, then you should try that first. Also try to root your device or manually install firmware on it. It’s necessary to try these solutions before, because sometimes they solve the problem. [...]  Read More

How To Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

Taking a screenshot on newly released Samsung’s Flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is extremely easy. The amazing thing is that there are many ways to do that. There are almost seven methods to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. You can choose any of the method because all of them produce more or less the same result. Below in this post we have mentioned all of the seven methods with instructions for your convenience. Now let’s begin on how to take a screenshot on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. [...]  Read More

How to Factory Restore / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

In this post we will show you how to do a Factory/Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & 10 Plus. By using a keys combination, you can use this operation to fix issues like, freezing, running slow, to remove a file or virus or to clear the memory space or if you forget your security code, password, pattern or pin code. This method will not upgrade or downgrade the firmware version of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 plus, it will not unlock the network lock on your device as well. [...]  Read More