Step Counter Pedometer App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you have enough of the embarrassment of living in the big body that you don’t deserve, you definitely need a pedometer application on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phone. We know, the struggle for losing weight is real. You have to follow strict diets, exercise regularly and keep track of all your daily activity to get in shape.

In order to do that, you also have to buy the whole new piece of hardware to track your each and every move. Fortunately, not anymore. With the pedometer apps, you can track your steps on your phone. So here’s the best pedometer app you can have on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and similar Android devices.

Step Counter Pedometer App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Step Counter Pedometer App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Among a ton of pedometer applications out there on the Google Play Store, Leap Fitness’ Step Counter app is the simplest and the most flexible one. It is the best step counter app for the minimalist people who don’t want to go through a hassle in order to simply count their steps. The app doesn’t require any signing up, signing in, GPS or cloud-based things. It simply counts your steps with the help of the sensors present on your phone.

However, it does come with a list of additional features to boost its performance and help you with your weight loss goals. These features include:

1. Counts Steps Accurately

What makes this app unique and functional is its accurate step counting. It doesn’t simply count the slight movement of your hand or the movement of your vehicle. Instead, it comes with the sensitivity control that lets you adjust the sensitivity as per your requirements so that it can count steps more accurately and helps you with your weight loss goals effortlessly.

2. Lose Weight While Saving Power

Unlike many other similar applications, this Step Counter App consumes bare power from your device while letting you lose weight effortlessly. This is done by blocking the GPS action and counting the steps using the built-in sensors of the device. This offers accurate results with power saving. A Win-Win situation!

3. Auto-Record Steps

In addition to that, the Step Counter App comes with the auto-record steps feature that lets you record and count your steps automatically. This feature works even when the phone screen is locked. You can disable this feature from the settings and set it to manual setting so that it only records the steps when you press the start button.

4. Report Graphs

The app comes with stats of your walking in the most innovative way. The app shows the results in the report graphs that are specifically designed for mobile devices to help you keep track of your steps and activity. With this feature, you can check your last 24 hours, weekly or even monthly stats in the form of graphs for extra motivation.

Download Step Counter Pedometer App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Furthermore, the app comes with the beautiful and colorful themes, walk planner and calorie counter as well, to help you get in shape effortlessly. Get this app from Play Store by clicking the link above.

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