Speed Legends Car Racing Android Game for Samsung Phones

If you are bored of playing Need for Speed and looking for something else that can save your ingrain your DNA with quite impressive features, you have come to the right place. Although Need for speed offers a series of versions with different routes and different features, its storyline and gameplay are the same that can become tedious for the adrenaline junkie. Previously we had covered a review of CarX Highway Racing Game as well. Make sure to check out Best Wireless Game Controllers to Play this awesome game.

Speed Legends Car Racing Android Game for Samsung Phones

So if you are one of them, you need to get Speed Legends that is a car racing game for your Samsung Galaxy devices packed with loads of alluring features. Also, check out Best Heavy Graphic Android Games for Samsung Phones.

Speed Legends – The Ultimate Car Racing Android Game for Samsung Phones

Published by GB Racing, Speed Legends have become one of the best streetcar racing game for mobile phones within just a few years. The reason for its popularity among the people is that it has taken the whole car driving and mobile racing genre to the whole new level by adding a number of features that cannot be found in any other mobile car racing game.

So, turn your car into a monster with this game on your Android Samsung Phones and fulfill your need for speed.

1: Open World Experience on Mobile Devices

The ultimate Speed Legends game offer you to race anywhere in this world by sitting in your home. You can join the spectacular street challenges in the huge open world while driving your customized car to the astonishing places. So use your drifting skills and explore the world.

2: Fantastic Tuning and Customization

As mentioned earlier, you can race your best while cruising in your best-customized cars. The game, Speed Legends offers the best tuning and customization options for your car so that you can race in your dream car. These fantastic customization and tuning options include vinyl, body rims, engines, turbochargers and much more. Not only this, the game offers countless cars to choose from, for your best driving experience ever.

3: Stunning 3D Graphics

Speed Legends is probably the most stunning and realistic racing car on the Play Store. So get ready to cruise in a 3D environment, HD scenes and realistic driving physics. Fasten your seatbelts because this game is really going to give your adrenaline a serious shoot.

4: Challenge the Streets

Drifting and racing have never been fun before. Speed Legends have the most addictive street challenges for you so that you can win and earn some money for your car upgrades and more cups. You can also show your driving expertise to everyone in the world by moving up in the driving leagues. We bet you will never find such addicting challenges in any other racing game before.

Download Speed Legends – The Ultimate Car Racing Android Game for Samsung Phones

Besides the amazing graphics, realistic car and drifting physics, realistic cockpit view, the game also offers the realistic engine sounds to really make you feel like driving. So, get this HD Racing game on your Android Samsung Phones and become a speed legend!

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