Shadow Fight 2 & 3 Action Games For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – S8 – S9 Plus

We are here with another best action game for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus, S9 Plus and guess which game we are talking about? Yep, you have got us right, the action game that we have on our board today is called the Shadow Fight 2 or the Action Fight 2 which is a sequel game to the Shadow Fight.

Shadow Fight 2 & 3 Action Games – Double your Mobile Action on Galaxy S7 -S8 – S9 Plus

Shadow Fight 2 & 3 Action Games For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - S8 - S9 Plus

After the worthy success of Shadow Fight, the developers, NEKKI publishers have finally launched the sequel for the masterpiece that brings some next level action and fight for the action freaks and fanatics. So if you want to get immersed in some ultimate action, then fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the double action.

The gameplay of the Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 revolves around a ninja who mistakenly opens a crypt of demon that unleashes them and poses a threat to the world. This opening of the crypt reduces the ninja into the shadow and he needs to fight the demons and defeat them in order to live in a healthy and safe world.

Shadow Fight 2 & 3 Action Games For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - S8 - S9 Plus

Besides from this strong storyline, the game features some really interesting features as well for the players that they definitely don’t want to miss, so check ‘em out.

1: Epic Combat Sequences

There are loads of epic and interesting combat sequences for all the action lovers out there. The Shadow Fight 2 let the players to indulge in some realistic combat series allowing them to get some next level action experience.

2: Beautiful Graphics

Apart from the epic combat sequences, the game involves stunning 3D graphics and smooth animations that let the players and gamers to indulge in the lifelike details and the realistic scenes, for the ultimate gaming experience.

3: Delightfully Intuitive Controls

Not only the game offers stunning graphics and smooth animations, but also the game features some delightfully intuitive controls allowing the players to play just like they are playing using the next generation console. Especially the users of the smartphones with big screens like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8 Plus will love the fighting interface and its smooth controls.

4: Customization Options

Moreover, the Shadow Fight 2 also focuses on equipping the character with the best weapons and suit so that the players will fight with some style. You will find loads of customization options through which you can personalize the character and make him flee like a true ninja.

5: Choose from 6 Different Worlds

There is also a choice of 6 different worlds of demons to choose from. Choose an action-packed, immersive world full of demons to defeat them and show them who the real boss is.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Action Game For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – S8 – S9 Plus

Shadow Fight 2 Official Trailer

Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight

Download Shadow Fight 3 Action Game For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – S8 – S9 Plus

Shadow Fight 3: Gameplay Trailer

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Not only this, the game has loads of other amazing features that you will find hidden inside after getting it on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8 Plus. Don’t forget to share your views about the game with us in the comments section below.

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