How to Directly Send Message on WhatsApp Number without Saving in Contact List?

No doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most needed messaging service available for our smartphones. It gives us perks to socialize with our favorite people with maximum options. You can chat, group chat, call, group call, share media and even send voice notes to your contacts. That all, completely free.

However, one of the biggest shortcomings of WhatsApp is that you can only start a chat and enjoy its perks with the numbers saved in your contacts. The only exception here is if you receive a contact’s number from someone else inside a WhatsApp chat, in which case you can start talking to them without adding them to your address book first.

Click To Chat App To Directly Send Message on WhatsApp Number Without Saving in Contact List

How to Send Message on WhatsApp Number without Saving in Contact List?

Fortunately, there is an app that can bypass this limitation. We are talking about Click to Chat (small, no ads) application that allows you to send a message on WhatsApp number without saving in contacts list. We have reviewed and highlighted this app below for you. Scroll down and see what it’s got for you.

Click To Chat (small, no ads) is the app that lets you chat to any number without saving it into your contact list. This is kind of a much-needed thing that you need every now and then. For example, someone called you and you want to contact him on WhatsApp. You can simply download this application and start contacting them without saving their numbers. Moreover, this app is also useful in situations like you need to send a message to someone but you don’t want to save it or you need to start a chat with yourself in order to remind some important things.

This app works by using WhatsApp’s ‘click to chat’ to open a chat with any number (a chat between you and that number). No contact is created on the device, you don’t need to save it on your contacts list. Just open the app, enter the number, click the button and the chat will open (if the number doesn’t exist WhatsApp will notify it).

However, you need to understand that this app does not allow you to spy other conversations, contact with numbers without WhatsApp or hide your number. It simply lets you message the numbers that are not saved in your contacts. That’s it. No other crazy things. It is a simple app that works.

In addition to doing its thing, this application is very light on the phone’s memory, simple to use and no ads. There are no extra fancy features, no extra size, and no dangerous permissions. It is that easy.

Download Click To Chat to Directly Send Msg at WhatsApp Number on Samsung Phones

Click to chat [small, no ads]
Click to chat [small, no ads]

So get this app downloaded on your Android and Samsung Galaxy devices and enjoy the extra feature on your WhatsApp, that too completely free and effortlessly.

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