Samsung’s 2020 Galaxy A Series Is All About The “Ones”

Don’t want to spend a fortune on an expensive Samsung Galaxy S series? Well, the South Korean Giant has an affordable answer for you. The Samsung Galaxy A series is a mid-range smartphone line from the Samsung that offers a powerful rush of features but in an affordable price.

Samsung’s Year 2020 A Series Mobile Phones

Just like its S series, the Samsung launches it’s A series phones every year. All the models from A series have been launched this year including the Galaxy A10, A10e, A20, A30, A50, A70, and A80 and A90. While all the models from this year ended in zeroes, the next year’s A Series is all about the “Ones”.

Samsung's 2020 Galaxy A Series Is All About The "Ones"

Yeah, you have heard it right. The Korean Giant has already filed nine trademarks with the European Union for its upcoming A-series lineup for 2020. All the lineup will be ending in “Ones”, including Galaxy A11, A21, A31, A41, A51, A61, A71, A81, and A91.

Although it was a trend for A series to be ending “zero” for its several flagship phones like A100, A200, etc. it was probably a long route for adding “zeros” onto the model numbers before the users forget which model is new and which one is old.

With this, Samsung has started an unexpected thing with the upcoming A series that will give scope for numbers and models for the upcoming years. Like using “zeros” for 2019, “ones” for 2020, “twos” for 2021 and “threes” for 2022. This numbering trend will allow little confusion on the models as well as give another 9 to 10 years to Samsung for naming the A series.

Although we don’t expect the A series would be alive for those long years, but still, this numbering trend gives Samsung some numbering room. Samsung’s Galaxy A series, once designed to be extremely mid-range for international users, has now become the budget-friendly line that replaced its Galaxy J smartphone lineup. After a few years of selling its A series outside the US, Samsung decided this year to bring its new Galaxy A10e, A20 and A50 to the US on all four top US carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint).

In addition to that, the upcoming A series is going to be a pack of features that the users can find in its high-end devices like S series and Notes.  The same trend has been seen in its 2019’s A series that ended in zeros. The Samsung Galaxy A20 comes with a variety of high-end features, including:

  1. Fingerprint scanner
  2. Ultra Wide Angle Lens
  3. Dual Rear Cameras
  4. 4,000mAh battery capacity
  5. Fast charging feature
  6. 4GB RAM

Similarly, the other 2019’s A series phones also got some high-end features including the face to unlock(A40), in-display fingerprint sensor and triple rear cameras (A50), ToF camera (A80) and rotating camera pop-up in case of Samsung Galaxy A90.

With this in mind, we wonder what the A series from 2020 would pack. So are you excited?

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