Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

Samsung has officially launched flagship Flip Phone named as W2017 in China. This smartphone is kind of unique when we don’t see any flip phones from any other manufacturer in the era of all touch screen smartphones.

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Specs

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

The Samsung W2017 has a 4.2-inch external as well as internal Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM. It has 64GB of storage with microSD card support. Aside from a 12-megapixel rear camera with f/1.9 aperture that’s capable of recording video in 4K the W2017 features a 5-megapixel camera on the front.

This dual-SIM handset has support for 4G LTE. It measures 127.8 x 61.4 x 15.8mm and weighs 208g all while housing a 2,300mAh battery in its metal body. Additional features include an Always On Display, fast wireless charging, a fingerprint sensor and support for Samsung Pay.

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Release Date & Price

The Samsung W2017 will soon be released in China. Pricing has not yet been confirmed but we expect it to quite expensive, coming in at over 20,000 yuan or almost $3,000, but only Samsung knows right now how much this handset is really going to cost. We cannot expect Samsung W2017 to be released anywhere else, except China. Though if it is Launched Globally anywhere, it might face success, if it’s price is not that high.

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Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

Samsung W2017 Flagship Flip Phone Launched in China

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  1. dr david


    1. Agreed there were problems in the past due to it’s mechanical nature of flip. But technology has been improving day by day and there will be for sure improvements in the mechanical structure. 🙂

  2. dr david

    flip phones a thing of the past as their very few manufactor,s that are producing, the problems with the springs, hinges always breaking , always being repaired, Motorola 8200 models too much trouble the no longer many more IF are why don’t you se any manufactor make ? WARRANTEED.

  3. dr david

    are quit confusing , s7 , S7 edge, just as bad to decide on the iPhone 7. 7+ ? modt do not trust Samsung? in the states have baned Samsung phones on all airlines?. I’m trying to decide if the S7 or the S7 edge or the iPhone 7+ Samsung in reviews if seen is better but the iPhone has better camera? do not know they say the S7 is the flag ship of phones then here the release of a S8 next year? so do you wait or take the gamble $1,600 this year. then up grade next year?. the I phone 6S still holding same price here in oz?.

    1. Not all Samsung devices are banned. Only Galaxy Note 7 was banned due to its battery explosion issues. You can without any doubt go with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it’s the best smartphone till date, even after 11 months of it’s launch. Galaxy S8 will also be worth waiting.

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