Samsung To Launch Slimmer Phones with 43.7 MP Camera Sensor

Samsung has been the world’s most innovative electronics and technology group ever. This group continues to improve and enhance their legacy with yet another futuristic approach. Yep, the company recently has introduced its first-ever, slimmer and shortest pixel – Samsung ISOCELL Slim GH1.

Samsung To Launch Slimmer Phones with 43.7 MP Camera Sensor

Samsung To Launch Slimmer Phones with 43.7 MP Camera Sensor

As per the sources, Samsung has introduced this slimmest and shortest camera sensor, in order to step down the bulk and space that is required for front-facing cameras. This recently introduced camera sensor measures just at 0.7-micrometer (μm). With such a small camera hole, we can definitely expect even slimmer and smartest phones like never before. Not only the sensor is shortest but offers a powerful megapixel capacity of 43.7 that would definitely be ideal for the next wave of smartphone selfie cameras.

Considering this, the end goal of the Samsung Electronics behind this slimmest and the shortest camera sensor is to help OEMs produce “sleeker and more streamlined designs” while continuing to whittle away the bezel devices require. That should ultimately equate to slimmer devices as well.

According to Yongin Park, executive vice president of the sensor business at Samsung Electronics, “Samsung has been stepping up in pixel technology innovation from the industry’s first 1.0μm-pixel image sensor, to most recently, 0.8μm ultra-high-resolution sensors at 64Mp and 108Mp. He further added, “We are pleased to deliver yet another breakthrough with the industry’s first 0.7μm pixel image sensor, the ISOCELL Slim GH1 that will enable sleeker and more streamlined designs as well as excellent imaging experiences in tomorrow’s smartphones.”

Not only the sensor is tiniest to date and offer a powerful MP power, but these sensors will also be able to take 4K resolution at 7968 x 5480 and is converted down to 3984 x 2740. That means the users will be able to capture even more details in the backgrounds while recording videos and taking selfies. The sensor can capture those at “60T frames per second.”

Samsung To Launch Slimmer Phones with 43.7 MP Camera Sensor

In addition to that, there is also EIS and Super PD phase-detection for fast autofocus and real-time HDR. Moreover, the Pixel Isolation feature in these sensors ensures minimized optical loss while keeping the colors vivid and sharp.

You might be wondering where can be these sensors used, right. Well, Samsung declared that these sensors can be used with tablets as well as in smartphone devices. However, since these sensors are specifically designed for selfie snappers, so they can work best in the future, slimmer Samsung smartphones.

When We Can Expect Samsung ISOCELL Slim GH1 In Practical Smartphones?

Samsung plans to begin mass production of its new ISOCELL Slim GH1 camera sensor sometime before the year is out. But it hasn’t specified exactly when that will be. More specifically, the tech freaks that might be you, should not expect these sensors in the new smartphones and tablets anytime soon as these devices might won’t launch until late next year.

Well, nothing is confirmed regarding the production and new smartphone development as Samsung hasn’t provided any details regarding anything – either the partners or the production date.

So keep your fingers crossed and keep visiting for such exciting news.

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