Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specs, Price and Review

The flip phone with a 6.7 inches screen that folds in half, yes we are talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We have spent quite some time with it seems like this fordable Samsung is decidedly long-lasting as compared to the Galaxy Fold.

This time the real challenge was purchasing, despite being quite pricey the Z Flip smartphone has been sold out worldwide. In most regions, it is around the same price as the Galaxy S20 Ultra since it is more expensive than the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus both.

Now the question is that should you invest this much money or this does this smartphone justifies its price tag. In our today’s detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, we will answer these questions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specs, Price and Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specs, Price and Review

In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip benefits from the coming out of the new Moto Razr in the same month. Despite offering tons of nostalgia we found Motorola’s foldable flip phone, to be disappointing.

Galaxy Z Flip: official intro

Feature & Specs


The Galaxy Z Flip has only two shooters at the back when it comes to cameras. That means against Galaxy S20 Ultra it will not be able to compete.

In combination with a wide-angle 12MP F1.8 shooter, there is an Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2 camera. When you have the camera open, there’s a slight cutout in the selfies screen that’s accomplished through the front-facing shooter 10MP camera.

In our first attempt with the phone, we were unable to try these out properly, but at the time of our complete review, we will be sure to put all of them through their paces.

The Galaxy Z Flip uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset from 2019 in the United States and the United Kingdom, and it is not currently certain if it is specific in other regions.

That chipset should provide the right amount of power, but it isn’t as spectacular as the tech used within the S20 series. With 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, there’s just one Galaxy Z Flip variant available.

However, you won’t be able to expand the storage further since there is no microSD slot here.

Battery Timing, Display & Design


When unfolded the Galaxy Z Flip Candybar-style, distinguishes it from the mini-tablet-style Galaxy Fold. The Z Flip has an aspect ratio of 21.9:9 with the full HD+ screen of 6.7 inches and honestly screens seem really bug when holding it in your hand.

Through the center of the display if you don’t pay attention to the tiny crease you might easily mistake the opened Z Flip for a standard Android flagship phone.

However, the footprint of the phone gets much smaller when you drop the hinge down. On the outside when the hinge is closed there is also a tiny 1.1 inches AMOLED cover display.

If the name and number are short enough then an incoming call form of a scrolling name or phone number will be visible there since there is sufficient space to display it.

The large area however above the hinge when in the closed position is empty and it would have been great if the mini screen was slightly larger since while taking a selfie it feels pretty tiny.

With that being said, for the entire Cover Display when we tested it out our 10 digits number proved too long.

Ultra-Thin Glass OLED


Samsung has made the display of Galaxy Z Flip smartphone out of ultra-thin Glass, which as compared to other foldable is entirely different and pops up among them, including the OLED plastic display of the latest Motorola Razr.

With a frictionless feel, Samsung’s glass-based approach seems easy to swipe over. You can easily forget that you are using a new display since the slickness resembles that of Corning Gorilla Glass, which typically non-folding smartphones offer.

More importantly, even fairly hard when we tapped on the screen the Ultra-Thin Glass feels pretty durable. Unlike the previous Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone, we didn’t feel the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone running any risk of breaking very easily.

We did not hit the screen as hard as a drop would hurt it, of course since this was not an official drop test. But we are still pretty sure it is a lasting foldable smartphone.

The crease on the side of the screen where the hinge is, however, the one potential problem with the Ultra-Thin Glass. It’s over a smaller screen again, and it’s a brand new phone device that hasn’t been folded many times although the crease doesn’t seem as dramatic as on the previous Galaxy Fold.

with that being said, if it’s anything like the Samsung Galaxy Fold then you’ll probably learn to ignore the crease.

Price Tag & Release Date


The latest Samsung comes with a high price tag of $1,380/ £ 1,300 like all foldable smartphones. It has been launched in the UK and the US region since 14th February.

It’s available on the market now, so if you want to spend so much money on a smartphone you can get it. Though those in Australia still have to wait for the price and launch date of this smartphone, on the official Samsung website, you can pre-register the phone.

We are seeing it sold in the US through Sprint and AT&T, also you can get it from the official sites of Samsung and Best Buy, where it is available for unlocked purchase.

Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and Mirror Gold are the three colors in which this smartphone is available right now as you can see throughout this hands-on review.

However, you may be limited in choice since only certain markets, carriers, and stores are getting different colors. Next to the traditional smartphones of today, it is a fact that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ready to bend in front, presenting an audaciously fresh concept.

Samsung says it’s the full screen in your pocket and after reviewing this device we can confirm the company’s claim. The Galaxy Z Flip design makes carrying and pocketing infinitely easier than standard smartphones.

A victory for those users who wanted the smartphone to be compact and portable as well as functional at the same time.

The Galaxy Z Flip feels more like an experiment to see which design sticks with consumers, it is not necessarily a pivot in the foldable phone strategy of Samsung.

But there is a possibility that in future foldable and flip both design could co-exist. The Z Flip gets a lot of things right in launching after the Moto Razr, in simple words, Samsung has focused on the aspects which Motorola kind of ignored such as to cover the 6.7 inches interior panel Samsung has used thin glass, not plastic, Galaxy Z Flip also offers bigger battery.

However, all of these features are not enough to justify the higher price tag since at almost the same price you can get a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which offers better features and cameras.

Despite the better design and functional flip screen still, there is a question mark on the future of foldable smartphones.

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Only time will tell if these devices will be a hit or a disaster for the manufacturers but on the other hand, these smartphones are bringing the change for the consumers which they were kind of expecting from a long time.

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