Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is another Upcoming Hit from Samsung

Samsung has always been in line to introduce something innovative and unique that will take the Android fans by storm. Although the South Korean Giant has been focusing on the smartphones line, but the company isn’t done making high-end tablets. Yep, if you haven’t been following Samsung news lately, you will be surprised to hear that Samsung has been working on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and it is going to be another hit from the company.

Well, this is not what we are saying, but the rumors have it all. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is going to be the iPad Pro’s rival and the leaks and rumors are proving this fact. So here’s everything about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is another Upcoming Hit from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is another Upcoming Hit from Samsung

Although the official news from the company itself, haven’t confirmed anything about this upcoming Tab, its features and real-world images of the device has been surfaced already. If you haven’t been in touch with rumors, leaks, and images of this hot upcoming tablet from the Samsung, you have got to the right place.

Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is all about.

1. The Design

The design has always been the primary focus of the South Korean Giant when it comes to high-end devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 isn’t the exception here. The 6th version of this Samsung’s tablet has got a premium design that has got a groove on the back which is made specifically to house the ultimate S-Pen. The S-Pen itself is going to be feature-packed with the Bluetooth support that is going to be charged wirelessly. The S-Pen has got a somewhat redesign as the images show a metal-less body and a top cap, that is completely different from the Tab S4’s S-Pen.

2. Cameras

Another rumored feature that has been surfacing around regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is its dual-camera setup. Android Headlines has confirmed that this news is true. It had been said that one of those cameras might be a ToF sensor and the main sensor offering 13 megapixels along with a 5-megapixel wide-angle sensor. Both the cameras are located on the rear side of the tab and directly above the S-Pen groove.

3. No Headphone Jack

Although this news is yet to be confirmed, however, the leaked images have somewhat given us the idea that Samsung has ditched the headphone jack in the Tab S6 this time. The tab is going to feature minimal branding and buttons, that are for sure, much-needed aspects we all wanted.

4. The Colors

Lastly, it has been rumored that the tab will be available in a variety of colors to choose from. The suggested colors for the tab are – Blue, Brown, and Grey. Although this thing hasn’t confirmed yet, but Android Headlines have confirmed that the device would be appearing between the color choices – grey, light blue, pink or rose gold.

In addition to that, other specs haven’t been confirmed yet about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 but reports have pointed to fairly high-end features that will give a fair challenge to Apple’s iPad Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is another Upcoming Hit from Samsung

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