Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Offer 105MP Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

It’s never too early for some juicy leaks despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S11 may still be five months away. Information about the under display fingerprint scanner, range of colors and even the software has gotten leaked on the internet recently. Now a new report about Samsung Galaxy S11’s all new camera setup has been published in details on a well-known tech website. Before we start this post, keep in mind that at this stage everything below is not confirmed by the company yet.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Offer 105MP Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Offer 105MP Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Due to that we can only talk about the information which is circling on the internet about the Samsung’s new upcoming flagship device Galaxy S11.

Main Camera Setup of 108MP

On 2018 flagships smartphones, Samsung decided to go with single and dual-camera setups. But after feeling the heat from Huawei, they have ultimately chose to switch things up this year. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus features impressive four sensors, while the Galaxy S10 Plus boasts a triple camera setup as standard. According to some sources the next years Galaxy S11, with some huge improvements will take things to an entirely new level.

Among those huge improvements, will be a camera setup of 108MP. It seems like Samsung is really stepping the game up to dominate in this segment of smartphone market.

New Camera Sensor


Finally Samsung has decided to replace the good old 12 megapixel sensor which was by the way used in its all flagship smartphones since 2016, including Galaxy S7. It has been reported on many forums that as an alternative to this 12MP sensor, Samsung is going to introduce its all new sensor in 108 megapixel camera setup of Galaxy S11.  Xiaomi has already used this upcoming particular camera sensor on their Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone.

Because this sensor is much larger in size than usual smartphones camera sensors, it can capture a significant amount of extra light. Which means the upcoming Galaxy S11 will be great at capturing pictures in low light. To produce superior 27 megapixel shots, Samsung could also use pixel binning technology.

5x Zoom

One feature that is similar in Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11 Pro is, that both of these smartphones has capability of 2x optical zoom. However, now across the industry this is considered as pretty standard. That’s why fact fully it is the Huawei P30 Pro who has set the benchmark with its 5X optical zoom. It is certainly a good news for Samsung users that upcoming Galaxy S11 will soon join this list because it will feature a 5x optical zoom camera, which Samsung Electro Mechanics Company will supply.

Release Date & Price Tag

As we have mentioned above, that Samsung itself has not revealed or confirmed any features officially yet, same goes for the price tag. But one thing is certain that if Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to come loaded with the specs which are mentioned above, then obviously you cannot expect such a device to have a cheaper price in any way. As far as we know Samsung is expected to unveil this beast smartphone in the time period of five months.

Which means that if you wanted to get your hands on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S11, then unfortunately you have to wait a little to do so.

It seems worth mentioning that in Samsung Galaxy S11’s main camera setup, there will be a Time of Flight sensor included. Very much similar like the one included in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone. It will gather highly accurate depth data to help with AR content and portrait photography. Ultra wide angle camera is also expected. Although, there is no proof whether this information is true or false, since there’s no official information available about the sensor or the accompanying lens from Samsung yet.

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