Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus Game Tuner Android App Download

Ever wished that your mobile has some sort of features that will let you play your favorite, 3D games that are unplayable on your smartphone? Well, this happens every time in the life of a gaming freak who simply don’t effectuate from those heavy and feature-packed games.

Thanks to the South Korean Giant that has introduced an application that will help all such gamers to get benefited. The application is called the Game Tuner and we have covered each and every aspect of this application in the post below.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus Game Tuner Android App Download

Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus Game Tuner Android App Download

As the name suggests, game Tuner is a nifty application being developed by the Samsung Official that let the mobile gamers to scale down 3D graphics of the games. This will boost the games’ performance, in addition to saving the battery of your device and lessening the demands of the processors and graphics hardware.

The app also allows the gamers to change the advanced settings of the games so that they can enjoy games on their mobile phones effortlessly and that too without getting stuck. The brief highlight on each feature of Samsung Game Tuner is as follows.

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1. Change the Graphics Quality of Games

The first and the most important feature of this app is that it ramps up the graphics of the games. This happens in every gamers life every day when they try to play a 3D and heavier game than their phones’ processors can take. That’s why Samsung introduced this application that adjusts the graphics of the game so that it can be played across all the processors and devices. Great, isn’t it?

2. Adjust the Frames Per Second

The quality of the graphics is tapped by adjusting the frames per second of the games. You can adjust that manually between 15 and 60FPS that will greatly enhance the games’ performance. This way it won’t be stuck and will save your phone’s battery life as well.

3. Ramp Up Games’ Resolutions as Well

Another way Samsung game Tuner helps you save the battery and enhance the gaming experience by ramping up the game’s resolution. You can actually reduce the resolution of the 1080p games to straight up to 1440p. this is the same size as per your device.

4. Customize Settings for Each Game

The best part? Well, the best part about this game is that it lets you customize the settings of each game, separately. You want to play one game in 1080p resolution, you have it. While the game in 10440p, you have that as well. A lifesaver, right?

5. A Variety of Convenient Gaming Features

In addition to that, the Game Tuner also packs a ton of amazing gaming features that will ultimately enhance your gaming experience. These include a feature for saving battery, simple and intuitive interface and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus Game Tuner Android App Download

Introducing Game Tuner v3.0

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Game Tuner
Game Tuner

Game Tuner can get plenty of use from mobile gamers. So get it on your Samsung Galaxy S10 & Note 10 Plus right now.

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