Samsung Galaxy S Series & Note Series Could Merge in the Year 2020

Samsung – The South Korean Giant has made its name in the smartphone technology with quite a distinction. Not only the company offers high-end devices, but the giant has got tons of budget-friendly flagships that made all the tech community happy. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Samsung has two major flagship series under its belt – The Galaxy S and the Note lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S Series & Note Series Could Merge in the Year 2020

Samsung Galaxy S Series & Note Series Could Merge in the Year 2020

Both the series have their own perks and shortcomings. The S series remains the handiest phones with the next level futuristic features while the Note series have their signature larger screen accompanying the S-Pen and the next-gen technology. All in all, both the flagship series are extra and that’s why rumors are Samsung is considering to merge the two powerful series in the upcoming year 2020.

The first ever Samsung Galaxy S Series to launch in the market was back in 2009, while the first Note device from the South Korean Giant was released in the year of 2011. Since then, both the series have been released in tandem then. The pattern that Samsung follows is that it releases a Galaxy S phone in February or March and then releases the Note variant later in August of the same year. However, there are rumors stating that Samsung is going to merge these two lineups under a single brand – “Galaxy One” and will release the flagship phone in February 2020. Rumors also suggested that the new edition in the Galaxy Fold series will also be launched in the August of the following year.

What this merging means is that the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series will be over by 2020 and both the brand names would be called even powerful and even more influential. In addition to that, further rumors buzzing around the media is this merging thing could even happen before the Samsung Galaxy S11 arrives. This means the new branding could be up and running with the Samsung Galaxy S11.

One of the representatives from the leaks, Mr. Blass expanded a little bit on this and said that this is happening due to the fact that the features and specs from both these lines overlap so closely that the company decided to merge them into one. This way, we would get a Samsung Galaxy S with an S Pen stylus.

And as everything happens as expected or rumored, it is suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Fold would be the one replacing the Note series slot. Well, this is quite a lot to take in. But if this is true, we could expect something bigger and even better with the “Galaxy One”. After all, we all wanted a smaller S phone with a Note S Pen. Right?

So finally, the line between the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Note series seems to be fading at the time. What do you guys think about this whole merging thing? Is it a good thing or a bad one? Do let us know about your opinions in the comments section and stay tuned for more follow up on the “Galaxy One”.

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When Samsung will Merge Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series?

This could happen in early 2020.

What will be the benefits after merger of Note & Galaxy S series phones?

A uniform channel and more refined product updates will be offered to Samsung Mobile Customers.

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