Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Due To Battery Explosions

Till 1st of September 2016, there were 35 cases of battery explosions reported by users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It’s a brand new phablet by Samsung, which has faced a misfortune. Samsung is voluntarily offering Free Replacement of Galaxy Note 7 with New Galaxy Note 7, which will not have any battery problems.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosions – Free Replacements

Currently Samsung has halted the sales and getting the older stock back from the markets, in order to keep their customer’s safety in their mind. Though it will cost Samsung around $1 Billion or more to bring back all Galaxy Note 7 devices worldwide and change their batteries. It will take a week or more, for Samsung to offer you the Free New Replacement Unit of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will not cause any battery explosion.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion

Due to this scenario, Apple will get the huge benefit, since tomorrow at 7th September 2016, Apple will launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So those who got disappointed with Samsung, might look for Apple’s brand new iPhone 7.

Samsung has officially released their statement and acknowledged about Battery Explosions that had occurred in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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