Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus Features, Specs, Videos & Price in 2019

So, the South Korean Giant has unveiled the two biggest yet sleekest Note phones ever in the history of Android on Wednesday. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus that has been unveiled in the Galaxy unpacked event in New York a few days back.

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We have each and every detail about these two most compact yet biggest phones ever covered in the post below. Scroll down and get the heads up on these latest flagships from Samsung below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus Features, Specs, Videos & Price in 2019

Unlike other Note devices, this year, Samsung has broken the stereotypes with the introduction of two devices in the Note series – the influential Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and even more powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

While the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with a relative compact screen and sparse features, the 6.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers the biggest display in the smartphones’ history ever. With this being said, this year’s Note series become the biggest screened phones comparatively.

Besides offering the different display sizes, there is a slight difference among their specs. The battery sizes, RAMs, as well as the internal storage capacities on offer by these devices are different. In addition to that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus shares a lot of features.

Here’s what both the phones have to offer, exactly.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Design & Display

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If you are expecting these phones to be exactly like the phones launched 6 months before – Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, then you are expecting it wrong. These two phones offer their own boxy little styles that haven’t been seen in any Samsung’s phones before.

Both the devices are a little flatter, little boxy and little more edgy in the corners. The colors of both these devices are absolutely beautiful. They are reflective and looks like a different color in every single lighting and every single angle.

The design is typical Samsung in these two devices. A USB Port and a speaker are on the bottom of the phones, however, what’s new in these phones is a missing headphone jack. In addition to that, there is also another major thing missing in Note 10 and 10 Plus devices and that we call a Bixby button.

Knowing the gigantic display sizes of these devices, it is really difficult to reach out to the Power button. The place of the power button has also been changed with these devices and it now takes the place where Bixby Button used to be. You can “long press” the Power Button in order to launch the Bixby button and that feels great. All the buttons are also aligned on the left side of the phone that all the lefties would love.

Whether you are going to pay up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus, you are going to get the same quality, dynamic AMOLED panel, the one you have got with the Galaxy S10 series. The bezel is as close to gone as possible on the top and bottom of both the phones. The hole-punch for the front-facing cameras is even smaller and the fingerprint sensor is hidden away under the screen. Coming to the back of the phones is the cameras that are lined up in a vertical row, which is off the side as that of iPhone, with a Samsung Logo just in the center.

Both the devices support 1080p resolution and that comes default by the two devices. The screen sizes are 6.8-inch for the HUGE Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus while it’s 6.3-inch for the smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 10. As Note 10 is smaller than the Note 10 Plus and S10 Plus, it is important to note that it is just bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S10.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Batteries

Now that we have talked about what both the phones look like, it is important to know about their battery lives. the battery is one of the major difference that lies between both the devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus features a gigantic battery cell of 4,300mAh while the Note 10 phone features a battery of 3,500mAh.

What’s upgraded in the new Note’s flagship phones this year is in the re-filling of these batteries. Note 10 phones support 25W fast charging while the Note 10 Plus phones are going to support 45W fast charging. This mean, you are going to fill up the phone in not more than an hour, with the right charger.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – S-Pen

One thing that the Note 10 and 10 Plus have and the S series of the Samsung would never get is the S-Pen. And in 2019, Samsung has definitely moved the things up with the S-Pen. The pen is more ergonomic, supports air gestures, and offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support as well. The stylus comes with a unibody and it sits in the silo of both the phones.

The stylus now also offers the camera support, letting you switch modes and zoom in and out. It also operates as a remote for things like triggering the camera shutter or advancing PowerPoint slides. Great, isn’t it?

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Cameras

Frankly, cameras aren’t the strength of the Note series this year. They haven’t been improved a lot and they have got the same sensors and the same lens arrangement. Moreover, Samsung isn’t claiming that the photo quality has been improved in this series.

However, the Note 10 phones feature the wide-angle camera of 16MP, a main camera of 12MP, a telephoto camera of 12MP on the back while a single selfie camera of 10MP on the front. It also offers an AR camera doodle feature that is somewhat useless.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Performance & Storage

Both the phones are going to be powerful and you can play, draw, watch, write and socialize all you want with these amazing phones. Note 10 and 10 Plus features the same processor – Snapdragon 855. However, the major difference lies in their RAMs and storage options.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes in just one configuration – 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. However, the bigger Note phones come with 12 GB RAM and 256GB storage and a 12GB RAM along with the 512GB internal storage.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Colors

The colors are pretty amazing in this series and we are loving what Samsung did with that “aura” thing. Both the devices are being offered in 6 beautiful aura colors. Aura is a specific term being used in this Note series that connote the phones has a kind of iridescent shimmer to it. The colors include are:

  1. Aura Glow – Rainbows
  2. Aura Blue – A Deep beautiful Blue Hue
  3. Aura White – Clean White & Simple
  4. Aura Black – Timeless & Elegant
  5. Aura Red – Flaming Hot
  6. Aura Pink – Pepto Pink

Though all the colors are beautifully reflective, the one that we like the most is the Aura Glow. This is something no other smartphone company, even the Samsung, did before. The glow of this shade shows a variety of colors, making it the hottest color of the series.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus – Prices

The Note 10 series is the expensive most phones in the Android history ever. After all, good things come with a cost, right? The smaller yet manageable Note 10 starts at $949, while the basic 256GB version of Note 10 Plus starts at $1,099. You can spend $100 more to get 512GB of storage.

Which Phone You Should Buy?

So now after comparing both the Note 10 flagship phones, the question is which phone is worth buying?

If you are looking for a manageable yet a Note series, we recommend buying you a Note 10. However, it is important for you to note that it comes with a price of $949 with almost the same features as that of Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. They are similarly sized, offer a headphone jack, SD card slot and of course, they are cheaper.

And frankly speaking, the actual one to buy in Note 10 is a Note 10 Plus. Yes, the phone is gigantic but hey, you are a Note phone and you want a gigantic phone. With this phone, you are going to get a bigger battery, the best specs and all of the performance you need to do whatever you want to, on a phone.

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Both the devices are available for preorder and will ship on August 23rd. There will also be a Note 10 5G available for preorder on the 23rd that will be exclusive to Verizon for “a limited time,” but Samsung had fewer details to share about it ahead of its Unpacked event.

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