Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Everything We Know So Far

So after the 10th series from the Galaxy family had taken the world by storm, it is the time for the South Korean Giant to give the tech freaks and fans with another device to wonder about. It is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that we are talking about.

Yes, the S Pen device is all set to hit the market shelves and we are all going crazy about it. So want to know what Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to offer. We have got every rumor and news covered in this post. Have a look.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Everything We Know So Far

The upcoming flagship from the Samsung is going to hit the market shelves soon and is just as powerful as that of the S line but even more features are thrown into it. Just like every other time, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to feature an S Pen but unlike previous models, this gadget is going to stick with other names as the Pro model.

That is not what we are saying but the rumors are buzzing around that there are also a few chances of getting other variants too, along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The idea isn’t something that would surprise you like the fact that the Galaxy S series always does come with several variants just like S Plus, S 5G, etc.

Regardless of what the phone would be called or what variants it is going to come with, it is rumored to be debuted on 7th August 2019 in the New York City. The date has been confirmed, with the hint of its heavy camera.

The Design

In addition to the camera, it has been rumored that Samsung has drastically redesigned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 while adding punch hole cameras on the front, in-screen fingerprint sensors, and a multitude of innovative features.

With this in mind, it would not be wrong to say that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be a pretty thing to see after all. Moreover, it is also likely that the Note 10 will be featuring an Infinity-O display, with probably no bezels and no cutouts.

It Might Ditch The Headphone Jack

When it comes to the headphone jacks, this time, it seems that all the possible variants might be ditching the headphone jack from the upcoming Note series. In addition to that, the sources have said that the Galaxy Note 10 could also ditch the physical buttons, that would be a new thing to see.

A 5G Note Model is On Its Ways

Another addition to the Note series this year is the 5G variant. This means, it is not just 1 or 2 variants this time, but evidence suggests that there could be 4 variants of the Note 10.

S Pen is Powerful Than Ever

It is certain that the Note 10 is going to feature an S Pen, but the added Bluetooth functionality to the pen has made it even more powerful. In addition to that, there is a slight possibility that the S Pen could get some new features, though it is not known, what those features would be.

Processor & Other Features

We can also be assured that this 10th Note device is going to be powering the greatest and the latest, Snapdragon 855. It will come with at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The other features rumored to be included in this flagship are:

  1. Reverse Wireless Charging
  2. 4,500mAh battery
  3. Four rear cameras
  4. One Front-facing sensor
  5. 5x optical zoom lens
  6. Three aperture options

The prices of the phones are not disclosed yet, but with these innovative and some really amazing features, it is going to be the most expensive flagship, till now. Although most of these are the rumors but the sources have confirmed that these rumors are likely to be true for the upcoming Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro - Will be EPIC!

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So are you excited? Bookmark this page and stay tuned for the more exciting details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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